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Attack On Titan Episode 11 English Dubbed

Attack on Titan Episode 11.
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Episode 11 of the TV Anime Series Attack on Titan

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  • Dan Duncker

    the stream server is pretty weak as video cuts out several times in a short time by buffering endlessly

    • Jacob Lopez

      its probably your internet, and also having multiple things open in the back ground does help much either, these sites create alot of pop ups.

    • Shady Nhb Arroyo

      think depends how many watching at time, kuz was fine for me

  • Andy Gaming


  • I just noticed a real whopper of an error in Cmdr Pixis’s speech. Every time he should say “Wall Rose” he says “Wall Maria” – so he talks about the plan to retake Wall Maria (which is massive), when all they’re actually doing is retaking Trost District. No wonder I was so confused the first time I watched this.


    goodness :T