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Attack On Titan Episode 13.
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Episode 13 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan



Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

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  • Anti-Social JustAss Wario

    NO WONDER Humanity got wiped out. ALL they do is fucking talk!
    Shittiest writing ever.
    Just a bunch of kids whining each episode.
    These people really know how to suck the life and energy out of every single fucking scene.

    • Dat Teen Who Games

      Sounds just like you!

      • Dat Teen Who Games

        Oh wait shit didn’t see that you were a troll. Retreat, RETREAT!

        • RedWolf


          • MiniMe

            Fck me too ;(

          • MiniMe

            They just realize their comment was stupid and then delete it XD

          • RedWolf

            Then I would only have ten comments.

          • MiniMe

            Why do they even show that this comment was deleted wtf!?

          • RedWolf

            Yeah, that just doesn’t make sense.

  • Anti-Social JustAss Wario

    OH WOW!!!
    The first 3 minutes is a recap. The 2 minutes of shitty music.
    Then the show starts and in 15 minutes it will roll the 4 minute long credits.

  • Anti-Social JustAss Wario

    MOST cliche anime ever.
    All these characters are cardboard cut outs from every other anime.
    Stoic awesome fighting female
    Loud mouthed loser kid who sucks but has super powers
    nerd friend who fits in some how.
    Lots of time freeze frames of people looking angry/sad/depressed
    Lots of useless talking that does nothing for the advancement of the plot. Slows it down to a hair pulling crawl of tedium.
    Started out cool, but went down hill really fucking fast with all the monologues, flashbacks, 10 minute yelling matches while everyone dies. Long useless scenes of people running.

    Who writes this shit? Like holy fuck.

    • thumbs up

      Man am fucking dying! i gonna laugh my self to death.
      I am reading his stuff and its fucking hilarious xDDD!!!

    • Lemonee

      To me it sounds like you do not really like the anime. So if all you do here is to complain (a little reasonably though) then find another anime. Do not force yourself to watch Attack on Titan if all you do is to hate on the writers in the comment section. 😀

  • it would be soo funny if with that big stone eren would break the hole wall xDD

    • RedWolf

      Yeah! That’s exactly what I thought!

  • Phantom Lily

    8:49 It’s Chinese!

    • Hugh Mungus

      No, no it’s not.

  • Haishu Ma

    when levi appears, he looks like a savior. Pretty cool.

  • OMG this is so epic!! #EREN.TITAN.FORM

  • MrDeadPumpkin

    Why is no one asking why Annie is apologizing?
    why is everyone so ignorant in here?
    theory people where are you?
    anyway, i fucking raged at annie so much…and at reiner and bertolt.. fuck those guys.

    They, left him to die, to clarify, they just took his 3d movement gear and let him die.
    that’s the spoilers, he heard them talk about something.
    i won’t give anymore spoilers just read the manga if you want info.
    So if you watched the whole series and know that thing about Annie but take a moment to observe every little detail, rewatch the whole season 1 if you want to, just observe Annie and what she does and who she talks to.
    that might get you to know who else is special.