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Attack On Titan Episode 23 English Dubbed

Attack on Titan Episode 23.
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Episode 23 of the TV Anime Series Attack on Titan

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  • Seifeddin

    i think she was the female titan

  • Kenan Hassan

    W…T…..F ….. j u s t h a p p e n e d ?

  • Александр Дубинский

    Lazy foreshadowing. All of a sudden a secondary character becomes very important to the plot. What other reason can there be? Eyes, hair, silent demeanor. How is Armin not able to put two and two together?

    • Александр Дубинский

      Ok. I take that back.

  • DanyDragon

    I just want to know WHY

  • donutpanic

    idgi why don’t they just single out all the blonde haired, blue eyed women and interrogate, it’s obviously one of them