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  • Gabriel Van Middelkoop

    there was one dude running in the beginning when they started running away from the titans in the alley who was holding a chicken above his head xD
    why would you even consider saving a chicken when something like that happend lmao #savethechicken

  • Gabriel Van Middelkoop

    You can see this brave chicken at 19:36 19:58 and 20:00 in the movie,
    Maybe the chicken is secretly the main protagonist of the movie?

  • Jasper Guzman

    Well this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and most of the stupid things in this movie is that it doesn’t follow the anime from time to time I have sooooo many things that are different and bad compared with the anime

  • So I come to watch attack on titan with my 10 year old son, and your ads are fucking hard core porn…
    Not cool on a website showing a fucking cartoon.
    Get your shit together webdev.