Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10.
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Season 2 Episode 10 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

My Hero Academia

Read Manga for this Epsisode: Chapter 47
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  • ddd


  • Eren Jaeger

    You traitors said we’ll leave till night, why the heck are we leaving before?

    • Aidan Grey

      I think there doing it for a big reason.

      • Giannis Xania

        yea just some scoutsn o big deal for pepole that cant transform

  • inclemated

    Why do you have to wait a whole week i crave for another episode 😭

  • Dyno Zul

    i cant wait

  • DanyDragon

    I’ve become significantly less of a patient person since this season started. I neeeeed the next episode now

    • Kaylee Gill

      Same lol im addicted I have a problem. I rewatch season 1 and now I’m here…. 2 days is two much!!

      • DanyDragon

        Gurl same, I finished re-watching season one last week, so at least I had that to tide me over till the next episode, but now I have nothing

  • javeriamirza

    ahh i cant waittt

  • Zheng Zai Gamer Always

    Oh man I can’t wait 😀


    Oh my…. :]

  • Mart Hiruntecha

    i just can’t wait. this is so epic ::SSSS

    • sensitivity161


  • sensitivity161

    is Annie gonna be alive?

    • Светозар Федоров

      I mean she already is alive but we wont see her for a while haha

      • Evan Stanley

        How the hell is she alive? I mean she trapped herself in that crystal, she can’t breathe, eat, anything in that thing?? Haha

        • Светозар Федоров

          she’s basically frozen in time

        • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ


        • disqus_bh1TKa64AF

          A show about people flying around on makeshift grappling hooks where their legs don’t get shattered every time they land considering the speed at which they move or get whiplash that doesn’t kill them instantly and the ability to transform into naked giant sized creatures and you’re complaining about her being alive in her self-made cocoon….

  • Daniel Mitchell


  • morgancat

    Even after reading the manga I still can’t wait for another episode each week goddammit. 😫

    • Naseebullah Ahmadi

      I haven’t read manga but I’m sure very excited for this one.

    • Léon Ruck

      The anime doesn’t go after the manga in season 2.

      • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

        Yes, it does

      • SakaMada

        This anime is literally everything from the manga and s2 has been in order of it

    • Shane Gothico

      same wtf XD

    • Levi Ackerman

      same here.. i’ve read the manga until the latest one but still i want to watch the anime too…

    • sam


  • Gabriel De Angelis

    Eren is too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Levi Jaeger

    why is it everyweek 😫😫😫

    • Gabriel De Angelis

      I don’t know but is sad…I WANT IT EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LagMan

    is this ep gointo be good? cuz 8 and 9 were poooooooooooopeeee

  • 男の子の愛を愛する腐ったポテト

    i hope Eren gets like limited time D:

  • arin

    woow i like this ep it is amazing 🙂

  • John Dominic Dino

    It’s so hard to wait for new episodes

  • Cookie

    Is it just me or did mikasa’s breasts get way bigger….

    • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      nice observation skills……. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Cookie

        hahah yes

  • Zen McKee

    12 minutes left till the subbed version is released, I’ve been up all night waiting for this

  • Ingeli Saar

    I can’t wait XD 4 minutes left

    • Mahamed Jama

      under 1 min cant wait

  • Ninja Panda Gaming


  • Ninja Panda Gaming

    3:30 MINS LEFT

  • Ninja Panda Gaming


    and yes I will keep on saying how much is left no matter what…..

  • Ninja Panda Gaming

    2:30 mins left

  • Ninja Panda Gaming

    2:00 mins left the HYPE IS SOOO REAL!!!
    I cant wait until its subbed.

  • Ingeli Saar


  • Ninja Panda Gaming

    1:30 mins left soo hyped… 😀

  • Mahamed Jama

    2 min left!

  • Shane Gothico

    when you already know what will happen (since you are reading the manga) but still go watch the live episode (even if you don’t understand a word) and then go wait for the sub version ; at that moment you suddenly realise how desperate are you XD

    • Ninja Panda Gaming

      actually I didn’t watch it live because it has no point

      • Shane Gothico

        Exactly XD it’s pointless but i still do it XD

  • Ninja Panda Gaming

    1 minute left ooooh I cant wwait 😉

    • Midok2000


  • Ingeli Saar


    • Ninja Panda Gaming

      MEEEEE 222222222

  • Midok2000

    The link is dead for me =(

  • Praveen Kumar

    Is it me or the mp4upload keep buffering?

  • rmr

    Holy shit , they showed scenes from the latest chapters in ymir flashback !

    • Izzy Bolden

      probably trying to make up for the short list of episodes

      • Or having a good concept on how to do awesome narrative in an anime.

    • Conf3tti

      They’ve been doing that a lot. I think they did the same with the “Reiner is a loon” bit from last episode.

  • Eminem

    the soundtracks in this season are awesome <3 <3

    • Michael Nazario


  • Markria Mavesere

    omd these flashbacks take up too much time of the episode

  • Evan Stanley

    Hey guys, guess what?! We only have two episodes left to watch of this season. Again, WE ONLY HAVE TWO EPISODES LEFT TO WATCH THIS SEASON.

    Seriously the production value of this season is utter shit, even My Hero Academia has 26 episodes for Season 2, unlike the 13 for Season 1. They could’ve at least tried making it worth it, but with half of the episodes being flashbacks so far it’s really not. I’m enjoying this but no where near as much as I did with Season 1 of Attack on Titan, it seems like they didn’t put even half the effort they did last time…


      Because people like us watching it from a copy website

      Not paying the real copy from the studio

      That’s why they only have 12 episodes not enough money

      Yup it’s because of us….that means we are utter shit

      • Myronic

        no, the companies are making alot of money from attack on titan, trust me, they just aren’t paying the animators that much. However, if we did pay for it, it would help for sure, i think the problem is moreso how the money is divided and how much goes back into the project for the animators etc.

    • Xiao Li

      Because they are at their maximum productivity… The staff who produce these anime are paid badly nowadays in Japan, fewer and fewer people in Japan are willing to work as animation producer because of the long working hours per day. I really feel sorry for them,

    • revilooibug

      As a manga reader, this flashback reveals a lot and it actually performs a crucial role in the whole plot. They’re already dropping hints about the AOT world. You’ll understand this further in season 3 and 4. I bet you will be shock and surprise when that time comes and you will surely go back and watch all of these flashbacks again.

    • crispy123

      two reasons why this season is so short (actually three)

      one: Netflix demanded full seasons yearly without raising budget. keep in mind these jobs are really really hard and take more time than you think. so without raising budget the studio was was forced to move to different projects in order to make up cost.

      which brings me to two: US we watch this shit for free and believe it or not in the anime world it hurts the industry a lot. i think most people think that anime is like Hollywood with 100 million dollar budgets and that’s not the case.

      three: well im sure they have the other half of the season done and ready but two half’s make more money with TV ads and box sets. (again our fault).

      so its a combination of Netflix and us

  • White Cat

    We need more levi action

  • Bas Waaijer

    Thank you for the episode, people of this website!!!!

    Woah what an episode, it had everything. Huge revelations, finally. It looked like they had a normal conversation about their past but they dropped quite a few bombs there.

    I understand that the scouts want Eren back, but seriously, what are they going to do against the collosal titan, the armored titan and Ymir on an open field? I just love Erwin for being so straightforward. They enter a forrest potentially filled with titans and no particular plan and he just says ‘press on’, lmao.

    Overall this series is just my no.1 anime of all times. I still get goosebumps watching the opening.

  • Nasutoe

    Eren fighting rienner was the funniest thing ever.

    • Sharil Shahediyen

      talk about unarmed combat

      • rUqeRT

        i think you could call it an underhanded technique

      • Emmett Chan

        I logged in to like this.

  • Simon

    why so many flashbacks? i swear 70% of season 2 is flashbacks

    • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      umm……. that is called “Character Development” my child 🙂

      • Simon

        there is a difference between character development and unnecessary flashbacks

        • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

          if u don’t want unnecessary flashbacks then as all Manga readers suggest (evn me too) u shld probably read the manga 😛

        • xFallenSoulx

          those flashbacks were really important

        • Levi Ackerman

          those flashbacks are not unnecessary.. u’ll understand it if u read the manga… 😀

        • Casey Carnes

          I haven’t read the manga, but that flashback told a crap-ton. Why Ymir admires Christa so much, how she relates to Christa, how she got her titan powers and why she ate Reiner’s friend. She was injected with something and pushed off of the wall, then she turned into a titan for 60 years. That’s pretty significant, because a titan shifter would have been out of commission from being in titan form that long. I think they just turned her into a regular old titan, but somehow she was able to turn back into a human and become a titan shifter along the way. Even though we don’t know how she turned human again, I think it’s safe to say finding out humans can turn into regular titans is pretty crazy, and it’s something they foreshadowed with Conny’s mother. Not a wasted episode imo.

          • SuperToare

            Was thinking the exact same thing.

          • sam anis

            You’re there my friend just look at the scene before she woke up as a human what did she ?

          • Manveer Singh Dhesi ੴ

            isnt it obvious that she turnd back into a human after eating a human, she literally said it herself.

          • Casey Carnes

            My bad, guess I’m a little bit dense.

        • Lmao, this is character development, and btw, the flashback did not come out until they actually saw the basement in the manga, which is waaaaay behind. It will probably be shown in Season 3 (another 3-4 yrs).

        • Pikastroff

          Are you talking of the Ymir flashback in this episode? Because if so I do not understand how this one was unnecessary. I *can* understand a bit why you could consider Episode 8’s flashback unnecessary for example, but that one definitely does not.

          I mean, it LITERALLY has shown how titans are created, and has shown a bit of the world OUTSIDE the walls (and the fact that the flashback was outside the walls is not a secret, since the mid-episode “lore” thing explains that Ymir does come from outside the walls, so it’s not a manga spoiler at this point).

          That makes this flashback one of the largest revelations of the story so far within the anime. So either we don’t have the same definition of the word “unnecessary”, or you perhaps could rewatch that scene.

          My bad though if you were talking of another flashback. But considering the context I suppose you talk of this episode’s.

    • revilooibug

      As a manga reader, this flashback reveals a lot. They already dropping hints about the AOT world. You’ll understand this further in season 3 and 4. I bet you will be shock and surprise when that time comes and you will surely go back and watch all of these flashbacks again.

      • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

        yea……This shld actually be shown in the season 5 only if season 3 and 4 are short as season2…….And every ONLY ANIME watchers will be like “Oh!!!! the truth was showed to us a long back ago” nd stuff like dat

      • Bas Waaijer

        Thank you for your comment. ^^

      • revilooibug

        *They’re already

      • SakaMada

        Im annoyed i read the manga and spoiled it…. then again waiting another few years just to understand that would’ve annoyed me plus the manga is good

      • Levi Ackerman


      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        As an anime-only viewer, I think it’s fairly obvious what the implications of the flashbacks are. They gave away a lot of information, if you actually think about it instead of crying over flashbacks.

        • Michael Nazario


        • Jack Bickel

          well the flashback about ymir didnt apear in the manga until after we saw the basement, and yes it gives away so much information

        • Conf3tti

          Yeah, those flashbacks have pretty much revealed one of the things I’ve been biting my tongue on talking about.

          This episode is the “wtf are titans?” episode.

  • xFallenSoulx

    I think we won’t see any Levi action this season 🙁

  • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

    yea and how they were punished…. nd even at the slide they give info they told that ymir’s hmetown was outside of the walls lol

  • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ


  • Hyuto Kagarashi

    lol hannes is so badass

  • Silverkyo

    Ymir got so much screen times in this episode it was sickening….She looks like the type of girl that you never stick your dick inside cause she is just psycho like that

  • Alan Nightfall

    Mikasa’s blackface

  • Eminem

    dud if that happen inside the wall, tell me how exactly yemir in her titan form was playing around inside the wall and nobody notice her ?

    • Bas Waaijer

      Seems I missed the text in the loading screen in the middle. =)

  • Bin Trương

    The main problem is: They just skipped more than 40 manga chapters in an anime episode, i wonder what are they thinkng

    • Bas Waaijer

      It seems I missed the scene in between where they revealed that Ymirs village is possibly outside the walls. And I’m not sure what they are thinking lol. Guess I’m blissful for not knowing whats in the manga, cause then I have no idea what I’m missing lol.

      I’ll read it if somehow they’re not going to cover that content in the anime. But yeah, from the response of people they seem to have made quite a jump.


    why christa is very important?

    • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      u want spoilers?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • xFallenSoulx

      without spoilers: Because she is important

      • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

        yea lol xD

  • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

    Nah, more like ep 12

    • Bas Waaijer

      I’m getting so pumped! It’s been over 10 years or so since an anime did that to me lol.

      • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

        which anime came before 10 years which made u get so mmuch pumped

        • Bas Waaijer

          Hahaha, I was a teenager when DBZ came out back in the day on Dutch TV. I remember being so eager to know what happens next. Same for pokemon.

          But back then I didn’t even really know what anime was. DBZ and pokemon were pretty much my introduction to anime. Little did I know they were not even really like mainstream kind of anime.

          I enjoyed a lot of anime since then, but I haven’t felt a childlike excitement ever since.

  • pixel_lives_matter

    this “cliff-hangar” thingy is getting a bit too much ……………give us the final fight already !!!!!!! tooo much side character development this season…….i’m a bit disappointed, but still loving the ride !! 🙂

    • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

      Eps 11- 12 will contain it all

      • pixel_lives_matter

        they stretched this one a bit tooo far T_T………….whatever floats the boat

  • Hyuto Kagarashi

    Ymir:Wher da fuk is christa
    Christa: hey ymir u alright bruh
    ymir kidnap christa*
    me: wtf Call 911 call 911 faster kidnapper is here.

    • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      -____-‘ wtf

    • Maymun Alom


  • pixel_lives_matter

    i wanna see levi in “beyblade” god mode plis plis !!!!!

    • xFallenSoulx

      I guess there will be no Levi in this season or not any big part

      • pixel_lives_matter

        strongest soldier of humanity …………can’t heal a fucking ankle lol XD!!!!

        • Izzy Bolden

          It’s not that he won’t…..he can’t. If I say anything else it’ll be a major spoiler for non-manga readers.

      • pixel_lives_matter

        well according to the season progression this is still happening a within a week of annie’s capture soo………….i’ll give him a pass 😛

    • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      nope….. LEVI is getting even less screen time than connie (nd will not get even in the next 2 episodes ) so hope fr the next season for that 2 happen

      • pixel_lives_matter

        tooo sad 🙁 i’m a hardcore riavaille fan…………wanna see him clean up ………….TITANS hehehe

        • Levi Ackerman

          u’ll see me a lot in the next next season..

          • zenon997

            if they keep to single cour seasons, then you’ll see Levi cleaning up titans in S04, S03 would have him clean a ton of people, tho.

      • Todd Estime

        so in another five years

        • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

          Yes….probably LoL XD

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          You’ll have season 3 within a year. Do the math.

    • xFallenSoulx

      I love this manga chapter and I was so hyped after reading it again and again

    • Bas Waaijer

      Dude wth? You either made this up, which makes the comment pointless. Or you just revealed a spoiler. Eitherway your comment should not be here.

      • Smsry ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

        gomen na sai….

  • Tomás Luz

    ? wth is wrong with you

    • Tomás Luz

      the ending is full of spoilers as well

      • Bas Waaijer

        Yeah most of it was already more or less revealed throughout the season, and like you say, in the ending. They’re just confirming it at this stage.

      • Bin Trương

        So how can non-manga readers could understand the ending without the explaining of manga readers? I know this episode is full of spoiler like the ending but it easier to understand

  • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

    Spoiler ALERT

    About that last scene in this chapter, i think we will not see a kiss like the majority wants to, the brother-sister relationship between these two is too strong

    • pixel_lives_matter

      but still ………incest is wincest !!!!

      • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

        I want to see it as much as a lot want, but i am realistic, small chances that it will happen

  • Naruto

    soo Basically all the villagers have turned into the titan and lost control >>> plus there is a way for annie to come back from that ice shell >> and jajajajaj Eren is so slow in recovery
    can’t wait for next episode XD

  • Danish Bodegraven

    What’s the song at 14:00? Somebody tell me…..

    • xFallenSoulx

      the osts wll be out in 4 days

  • Beastysoulz

    Why is gogoanime so late recently with the uploads?

  • SakaMada

    Anyone who has read the manga if you see the next episode preview with reiner around all them titans…. You know what happened and what it means Boys!!!

  • junedragon

    Holy shit lmao it literally jumped like 50 chapters ahead in the manga with ymir’s scenes.

  • Nicholas Morgan

    Okay, a lot less happened that I wanted to happen. Not even much in character development. I felt way too short as well. It’s a shame this season is to be so short. It feels with how these episodes are going this should be a longer series than the last, I don’t want to complain but it is a shame…

    • Alan David

      Are you stupid? Do you even know what the implications of that flashback are? LMAO this kid.

      • JUSTAnAdvocate

        He’ll eventually see that shes an image of god to people.

  • 8bit

    Ymir’s decision to go with them made me think of what might have happened, had she decided to fight against Reiner and Bertholdt in their titan forms.

  • Nanase Uchiha

    Bros. I am so lost. I have no clue whats goin on anymore. Someone, if you can, please explain whats happening.

    • Светозар Федоров

      Do yourself a favor. Read the manga 🙂

      • Nanase Uchiha

        Nahh that takes time an effort. I’m not down for that xDD

        • The Monkey Lord

          I think you don’t understand many things, I know that feeling, because as an early manga reader at these parts we were as clueless as you’d be now xD

          But that Ymir flashback shouldn’t be here, that is the only difference from the manga.

        • Casey Carnes

          What are you confused about? Ymir’s backstory, or what’s happening with Reiner and why they want Eren? Or how they got in the situation in the first place?

      • Bergioyn

        Does the art improve as the time goes on? The only reason I haven’t read the manga is that I cant stand the giraffe necks and the bazillion layers of outlines around everything.

        • Светозар Федоров

          you’ll have to see for yourself, but to me it looks fine. Reading the manga before and then watching these episodes come out is amazing even with knowing whats going to happen 🙂

  • Jasmine Johnson

    I absolutely love everything about this anime the way its drawn; the storyline!! I’m not complaining, but I feel like this anime should definitely have hour long episodes just like other good tv shows. Is there anyway would could convince them to do this? I feel like if the episodes were a hour long people who watch this would be more content and it still wouldn’t change their anticipation for the next episode. Kind of sucks we have to wait a whole 7 days just to watch a show we love for only 23 minutes. I’m just saying, not complaining or anything just putting it out there ..

    • Izzy Bolden

      Donate money?

      • Jasmine Johnson

        I definitely would If I could.

    • Kerem

      well you’re watching it for free here, while others pay on crunchyroll so you really have no right to complain about how long it takes for them to make an episode and how short it is

      • Jasmine Johnson

        Well I have every right to speak my mind and let my opinion be known. I appreciate the work they do. I said specifically that I wasn’t complaining. I simply made a statement explaining that if they could make it an hour long show a lot of fans would be more satisfied after watching it, especially since its so much information that needs to be put out there for the people watching. And also If people actually surfed the net long enough they can find it, and watch it for free, just as I did.

    • Guy

      Bribe em

      • Jasmine Johnson

        lol I wish

    • Kyon_Senpai

      They wouldn’t change it. Anime is primarily made for the Japanese audience for TV watching. You pretty much have no influcence over them.

      • Jasmine Johnson

        Well that sucks, but I pretty much figured that that though

  • SandSerif

    Is it just me or the starting frames of the episode looked like Eichenwalde from Overwatch? 😛

  • MARI

    Whr the hell is levi…!!!!!

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Recovering, remember? Its been a single day since the start of this season.

      • MARI

        Oh dint keep track of the timeline..but he is my fav char…they shud use him more…

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          Thats not how it works.
          Regardless, he’ll be rather active in season 3, and a main player in season 4, so dont you worry your pretty little head. 😊

  • IceRise

    The reason why this anime was made is to promote the manga.
    The reason why season 2 was made ist because the manga was not buyed as it used to.
    So if there will be another season, it will take most likely another 3 years until they start animating.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      No and no. The seasons will come quicker because they’re shorter and don’t need to adapt much content. If season 2 was 25 eps long, then you wouldn’t get season 3 for that long, but because its 12 episodes, you’ll get seasons quicker now, as that means where the manga is now is Season 5.

  • just gonna sit here and hope it comes out sooner than it should

  • Alek Dixon

    fuck gogoanime lol im coming here for now on

  • jordxd

    whats the song name when ymir is flashbackin at like 14:30

    • Maymun Alom

      its called ‘Call of Silence’ the OST will be released in 4 days

  • stormy clouds

    Guys thats why ThatS Why that one titan bowed down to ilse in the woods cause she looked like ymir. And that titan looks alot like that female villager!!!!

    • Christian Greg Garcia

      That totally made so much sense dude!

    • Ryan

      When did this happen?

    • Kerem

      no, ymir is just a false name given to her. she’s not actually the godess ymir

  • Lufen

    I’m starting to get tired of this bad teasing episode after episode. I feel like the story is too slow and i don’t want to wait a another 5 years for the next of the story. Especialy since there is only 2 episode left.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Realize this. They waited because they needed the manga to be beyond where they would end season 2. If season 2 was 25 episodes, then yes, you’d be waiting for years for season 3. However, because its 12 episodes not 25, it adapts about 16 chapters instead of 33-34. This means, that seasons can come out quicker.
      If every season from here on out is 12 episodes, then that means where the manga currently is is around episode 3 or 4 of Season 5.
      You could potentially have seasons 3 AND 4 by the end of next year.

      Also, the story is not too slow. Imagine only getting one episode a month. THATS slow.

  • MaceN

    Did anyone see mikasa at 23:45 scared the shit out of me xD

    • MisakiTheKindGirl

      ik xDD

  • Olivia Oladele

    wow O.o

  • Diogo Filipe Alface

    So much time waisted… I am desapointed with the last 3 episodes!

    • MisakiTheKindGirl

      Nah it was nice

    • Alan David

      Dumb or stupid? Which one are you? Do you even understand what character development is or what the implications of these flashback were? SMH

      • !Rhys|Gab

        Don’t be a dick asshole. You throw around the phrase “character development” even when it’s not relevant to the conversation.

        There was no character development that we didn’t already know. We already knew how Ymir sees herself and how Christa gives her purpose. They made that very clear in the other flashback when they were walking through the blizzard and when they were stuck in the tower. We didn’t need yet another flashback to eat up most of that episode just to explain the same damn thing especially since that flashback wasn’t even in the chapter this part of the story is based on.

        As for the flashback itself, in order to appreciate and pick up little things from it you need to have actually read the manga far enough, at least till the end of the next arc, to even see it as proper use of this show’s time. Stop being a dick and maybe think that some people only watch the anime, and even if some anime watchers picked up on those things, that doesn’t mean everyone did.

        I have read far enough to realize what happened in the flashback and why those men did what they did, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it a huge waste of time especially since you’re introducing a topic that doesn’t get answered until well into the next arc, which at this pace, won’t even start until 3 years from now where you would have forgotten all about this entire episode and especially the flashback you keep defending cause they keep padding the episodes with flashbacks!

  • Deniz Sürek

    They insered serum to them,and left them to live as a titan.Cruel world.

    • disqus_bh1TKa64AF

      Was that supposed to be English?

  • Olexir

    MP4Upload is so fucking bad now, what happened?

  • Deniz Sürek

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    • DanyDragon

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