Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 12 Subbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 12.
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Season 2 Episode 12 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

My Hero Academia
Read Manga for this Epsisode: Chapter 50-51
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  • Dino Dare

    “Next Up: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 13 Subbed” Wait, there’s MORE?

    • Radif Samali

      its probably an automatic bot that changes the number automatically. So no, there is not more 🙁

      • Dino Dare

        Aw. 🙁

        • Jacl Allen

          um…no, there are 25 episodes in the first season sooooo… it isn’t set out like a normal anime, that only has 12 episodes each season AoT had 24 and an ova i think.

          • Dino Dare

            Attack on Titan season 2 is said by like everybody to only have 12 episodes.

          • Kazoo Kid

            if we’re lucky we’ll have 13 episodes 😀

          • Gasdoiugab

            Thats not how this works, there will be only 12 sorry budy

          • Jacl Allen

            nah it cant be like that, we waited so damn long for it.

          • Dino Dare

            Oh it can and it probably will. I’d love it if you guys proved me wrong though because I want more episodes as much as the next guy.

          • Deniz Sürek

            uhh these seasons prepared for 1 year. so it must be 25 episodes……. i hope.

          • ZeroFunter

            Pretty much, we have to wait another year for the next season

  • Pikastroff

    All I hope is that season 3 won’t take as long to come compared to this second season. As a manga reader, I’m actually pretty hyped for the events of the third season, though unfortunately many will be turned off…

    Either way, if we do get season 3 let’s say in 2018, then I’d be happy.

    • TneckNiv

      I dont know if you knew but the studio that makes attack on titan are making way too much anime at the same time and the animators are underpayed and have poor life conditions (work 14 hours a day maybe) so yeah it may take some time for next season

    • Matthew Niedbala

      Holy shit I’m gonna be dead before the damn series is over.

    • Kronly

      We hope uwu
      There are 22 Volumes
      hope we don’t wait a three years again to get a new season..

    • Mikasa Dah Boss

      i dont think Season 3 will be coming out but if it did i would sya it would come out in 2019-2020 cause you seen what they did the last few years of holding season 2 🙁 but if they did i would really freaking happy but it would probly have fewer episodes then 12.

  • Captain HuggyFace

    I swear to god, if they add in a kissing eremika scene…. id die. id die happy. tell my mom im the one who ate all of the nutella because in four days im going to be gone

    • Yeow GC

      I want them to kiss so bad ;-;

    • dreamer


    • vags13

      If they do i’ll fly to Japan and fuck the asses of the guys in the studio

      • Oshin Hacopian

        rofl fuckin hilarious

    • TheOtakuDude

      they will not probably

    • Park Hyun Ra

      No eremika on 12 :<


        Ermika will never happen, one of them will die before that can ever happen.

    • SakaMada

      Nah they wont they follow the manga as much as you want it to happen it will most likely not happen

      • HonestM8

        Btw i have a question, what chapter did the anime reach so far?

        • albert0


          • Jack Bickel

            thats how far the manga is

        • Benjamin van Collem

          nope it’s not 94 the ending scene is from chap 51 and, where they show the Beast titan is chap 70

        • Jack Bickel

          its like 50 something out of 94 but more chapters are coming

        • Sarah Noor

          it isnt going in order at all… like captain levi’s dialogues are from pretty late in manga.

    • Justas

      But look guys, at the eremika scene, mikasa leaned and leaned, and then she was about to kiss him, but EREN has to stand up and save them both

      • EreMika 4 life😁😁

        Yes IKR I was so happy at that part. soooooooooooo happy she was about to kiss him yasss

    • EreMika 4 life😁😁

      so do you want them to kiss or no cuz i do


      #Ereri and #Riren4Life
      Actually I don’t care even if a ship happened. I think that if at all Eren will either marry Historia, Marry someone else, or die alone, OR figure out a way to not have the Titans anymore and stop it at its core and sacrifice himself to do it. Honestly it’s something he’d do for his mother and friends. Honestly the last option I came up with would probably happen because honestly Eren wouldn’t want to have a child in that type of world. There is no such thing as expect the expected. Expect the unexpected. The Manga will prove that no character is safe and you really should expect the wildest most practical thing possible. Think like Armin and Erwin. You’ll get going somewhere doing that tbh.

  • ChaoticPotato

    so all of this took 4 years…
    all of this?

    end me.

    • Kronly

      3* Years.. its sad it will have only 12 episodes.. but they needed to work in these 3 years…
      There is 22 Volumes 🙁

    • Chrome Maximum

      there might be none of this anime though

  • Sarah Noor

    im so excited as they aree adding alot more to anime than there is in manga…. i hope they release s3 soon.

    • Xx Illumanti Gamer

      4 years later

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    wait wut i heard that there’s gonna be only 12 episodes of season 2 and now i can see “Next Up: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 13 Subbed” Plz tell me it’s truth and i’m not dreaming

  • Benno Neumaier

    I’am dying bcz i was hyped for another 25 ep’s of this great anime but now my life makes no sense 🙁

  • Benno Neumaier

    Let’s hope OPM will be my savior.

  • DanyDragon

    I’m both ready and very much not ready for this

  • leonhenn

    Attack on Titan 2 has just 12 episodes.

  • Lukáš Lacko

    after last episode i read whole manga in 2 days because my curiosity almost killed me and realized that it is not finished either..ONE chapter every month, i lost my shit…but also, i must admitt it is great reading and great was a good decision read manga

    • Wonglishen Wong

      Yeah me too

    • Wonglishen Wong

      However the reason I read the manga was because I accidentally read a spoiler on a post on Instagram, after that I decided to just go all out and read it

    • dreamer


    • Милош Вучковић

      holyu shit same

    • Matt King

      lmao the story telling is getting so shit

      • Jack Bickel

        i was going to kill whoever adapted it into an anime if she said “i love you”

        • Sabir Car

          They are gonna be married..didn’t you know it?

    • Miracles Happen

      The manga is said to end sometime in 2018 so till then bear cliffhangers.
      AOT is love

      • Sarah Noor

        i think if the manga keeps up with this slow pace…. it might even go as long as 2 more years cuz of all the plotholes that have to be filled plus many things hinted at in endings and tht not every chapter has tht much information.

    • GHOST

      same XD

    • SakaMada

      I didnt read the manga i watched it on a yt channel called mangastorian worth watching

    • JustStoppingBy

      Damn, once every month?! Guess I got spoiled with Naruto having a chapter every week lol.


        OH MY GOD I’ve been in this 2-3 years and I’m just finding out this information now oh my fucking god my life has been a lie

        • Leo Tong

          Yeah, most of manga have a chapter every week like One Piece and Naruto.


            ……. to be honest the only other Manga I have physically read was Tokyo Ghoul and I never got past the fist couple chapters because….I can’t remember. All I’ve ever read was BL to be completely honest and even though, they are also updated only every month so I thought all Manga and Manhwa was like that. I should probably find a different Genre to read XD I need something updated weekly other than Weebtoon. I’m exhausting all my sources hah
            Well this was new information #TheMoreYouKnow

          • Dez

            Have you watched Tokyo Ghoul Anime? If so please stop and read the Manga. The Anime is completely different from Season 2 on wards and is nowhere near as good as the Manga. Studio Pierrot fucked it up soooo bad


            Ive watched the Anime..both seasons…already.. like 2 years ago I watched it. BUTT lol but I thought at the time it was pretty good but I was still new to everything but now I can agreee that the original (the manga) is much better but it just depends I guess, I dunno I still haven’t read it and I said I would 2 years ago. Ahhh~ procrastination at its best people.

    • Jack Bickel

      yeah anime people think they have a lot of waiting… it feels so much longer than waiting for the anime becuase of how its consistantly back to keep you thinking about it and then boom nothing for a month

  • Maddy-kins

    I guess I would like to make a few new little friends. <3
    Skype: Chicchee-na
    Discord: Levi Ackerman#7418

    Feel free to add away, and I'll see you there.~

  • Goutham Rockey

    por hanns

    • Chrome Maximum

      poor kids who’ll wait for too long until they got annoyed until they really want to know what will hapenned next then after a long wait and wait and wait they’ll read the manga

  • dreamer

    just waiting just waiting

  • Barbara Herzig

    Last episode of season two is being released on my birthday… 🙁

  • Dallana

    Under 2 hours till it comes out! I’m completely excited even though I’m caught up with the manga.

    • dreamer


    • Ethan Fowler

      35 minutes :))))

  • Park Hyun Ra


  • IceRise

    are there big diffrences between manga and anime? (pls no spoiler)

    • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

      In season 1, there were differences, but little ones.
      The Anime amplified Mikasa and Eren relationship, sad moments, etc.
      The season 2 is following the manga almost 100%.

    • Miracles Happen

      Very little differences,ALMOST negligible

  • dreamer


    • Witch Mercy

      No subs though 🙁

  • Terry

    20 mins and we wait another 3 years : (

    • Yukine Ren

      nah the ss3 have been confirm on 2018

  • Park Hyun Ra

    Eren’s ability asdfghjkl

  • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

    They did not kiss

  • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

    Season 3 in coming in 2018

    • IceRise

      not 2021??

      • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

        Nope, they announced it after the ending credits

  • Attack on Titan Season 3 Confirmed For 2018!! – Read Full news

    • Pikastroff

      Aaaaaaah, then the anime-only people won’t have to wait too long! That could not make me more happy! 😀

      • neny chika

        Me too,

    • GHOST

      damit too late already finished the manga cause i couldn’t wait T_T

      • Muhammed Amine

        should i wait the anime ? or the manga is as good ?

        • Jack

          manga is good but waiting can be worthy. cause the anime is also very good

        • GHOST

          to me the manga was so good but the anime has it thing of making it even better so if u can wait then just wait

        • Jack Bickel

          the manga is great, however the minor changes made have made the anime amazing, so you could wait for the anime but, im sure you will love the manga so much if you just binge it. the manga isnt done, and its a month betwween each chapter tho so it feels like you have to wait more for the manga than the anime if you read it, but its up to you

    • Dave Shalikiani

      they arent gonna have a game though

      • Jugal Singh

        Ikr! The game was so good!

      • Dino Dare

        Maybe they will release a Season 2 DLC for Wings of Freedom.

    • wendayy

      Thank you for keeping us updated, Mod. Wendayy likes these new.

    • Hina Takanashi

      man cmon gotta wait another year!?

      • J Doe

        better then waiting 4 years…

        • HjGKazmaN


        • Hina Takanashi


    • J Doe

      Well, see y’all next year! Peace out!

      • Marcus Macon

        Until then

    • Zyphrx



      *crying* thnx thnx thnx thnx!!!

    • whenbiashurtsSEOUL

      man I’m going to try not to have expectations because who knows, history might repeat again. it might be delayed till a couple more years..

      • Youssef Mahmoud

        well, the studio didn’t take 4 years to make only 12 episodes, they actually made all the 12 episodes in a few of months, the main reason of the delay is because there is a shortage in animators due to low wages and shitty work environment.

    • Anime 「AMV」

      Promiflsh. ru 🚩 — Watch anime online, English anime online – Anime subb and dubb!

  • Evan Stanley

    Attack on Titan Season 3 is confirmed for 2018 everyone!!

    • dreamer

      HELL YES!!

  • Nanan

    Mikasa is super kawaii

    • ZeroFunter


  • After 12 episodes we still didn’t see any dinosaurs.

    • Memeico luvlemons

      Lmao That’s what I am saying.. Im like uh where are the dinosaurs coming from?

      • Mads Havndrup

        They symbolize the power in size.

        • Oh ok.

          • Zant

            I still wanted to see dinosaurs.

        • Jack Bickel

          no the beast titan is a beast, not nessesarily an ape, a dinosaur could be a beast, notice how ymir specified that it was the “monkey” beast titan, as in there could be other variations of the beast titan

          • KiNG

            i see. so if the next person who inherits the beast titan could be changed to a different beast such as a dinosaur beast titan. 🙂

          • Jack Bickel

            i mean theres no evidence or anything that hints to it, or supports my theory other than what i told you but, its a posibility

          • Amandus Hemminghyth

            Oh ok, thats really interresting

          • LINKIN ARYAN

            he is erens brother frm another mother
            according to the manga

      • Amandus Hemminghyth

        I think the different animal giants/ titans are maybe just representing different species that could overthrow humans in a way. You know, like a superior species, basiacly titans, since titans are the humans predetor and the human is the titans pray.

        • Sarah Noor

          well.. i am warning you… isiyama is gonna throw you off guard and blow your mind way too many times if you think this straight. (btw there was a hint in this ep, seems like u didnt pick it.)

        • Muhammed Moneeb

          Bro you are uneducated

      • Lysanthir

        SPOILER: It’s actually just a set couple of titans. You’ve seen 6 out of 7 so far in the anime.

        • Amandus Hemminghyth

          Yeah, but 2 of them is in one shifter

          • Lysanthir


        • Bhushan k

          there r 9 actually not 7 and ofc 2 in 1 and we both know who it is . erin, colossal, armored, beast, female titan, jaws titan, and 1 more not shown in anime yet that travels with 4 legs and ofc 1 which is in that person and 1 more not shown yet

    • Sharil Shahediyen

      nor flying whales

    • Jack Bickel

      but you did…
      im not joking, i have a theory but it involves a ton of spoilers, and anybody thats read the manga is like wtf are you talking about, and im like, i have a theory

    • Stefan Blaško


    • Sarah Noor

      they havent even been hinted at in manga yet… there was alot in this season which was new even to mangareaders.

    • Sarah Noor

      they arent even touched upon in manga yet…. the starting was probably more overwhelming for manga readers than anime only ppl.

  • Ionescu George

    Holy crap that ending , i hope we won’t have to wait another 2 years for season 3.

    • season 3 coming next year

    • Mustafa Naeem

      it’s coming 2018 confirmed

  • Connor

    What’s the name of the song that started around 5 minutes in?

    • paradicsom

      Barricades – 澤野弘之

  • Sky LorD

    The man from the end is his father?

    • Izzy Jay

      No, he is related to someone but he is no ones father.

    • MG Pro

      you’re not ready to find out who that is.

    • aizat

      half brother

  • Please someone explain to me what the hell this episode is im so confused.

    • Mads Havndrup

      What do you want to know?

      • I wanted to know why eren was able to do what he did but MG already explained it to me.

        • aizat

          he touch the titan that kill his mom. that titan have the power to control all the titan. eren borrow her power

          • Jerome Sanchez

            seriously man? dont believe to this Aizat, eren waas able to control the titans around him because he has the power of the coordinate/founding titan one of the 9 titan shifter,each titan shifter has its own abilities and the founding titan is the most important if im not mistaken and spolier alert

            eren has 2 titan shifter power (attack titan,Founding Titan), but i dont know yet if he can transform to 2 different titan

            and also if youre not satisfied, you can read the manga

          • Wirexin

            Everyone is leading people to the wrong. I’ll explain now it but read on your own risk because there will be hard spoilers. I mean some SERIOUS ones.

            Eren’s father Grisha was also a titan and he ate a person who was a member of the royal family and who carried the ability to control titans (Founding Titan Power). Any person who is familiar with the manga would know that when a titan-shifter or just some random titan eats a person who possess titan powers , they gain the abilities of the victim. So Grisha ate the person who possessed the ”Founding Titan” ability. But there was one problem. That ability could only be used alongside the royal blood or someone who had an interaction with the royal blood. The titan who ate Eren’s mother was Dina Yeager , Eren’s Step-mom. And she was a member of the royal blood. So when Eren punched her hand, which means he had an interaction with the Royal Blood, he activated the Founding Titan powers inside him. And even if he hasn’t realized that , he used that ability to kill his Mother’s killer and saved his friends from the chaos.

            [A BIT MORE SPOILER]
            Eren had this ability inside him because Grisha made Eren eat him with a ”Titan Serum”. Since he had little time left because of the 13 year limit.
            (Curse of Ymir: Titan Shifters only have 13 years to live.)


          • Eduardo Chacon

            aizat is not completely wrong. I’ll try not to spoil too much. He’s wrong in that that titan had the power to control all the titans and Eren simply borrowed her power, Eren had the ability, simple as that. Eren is not of royal blood, and requires someone of royal blood, hence the smiling titan, to be near him to utilize the full abilities of the titans, especially that of the Founding titan. While he does have the coordinate, i’m pretty sure it isn’t known whether he could use the ability outside the range of someone with royal blood, or even how large this range is, perhaps very close given the smiling titan, given it hasn’t been shown without Historia being near or something of the sort.

          • Limitless Mistakes

            She didn’t have the power of controlling all the Titan, But I do know that she had royal blood in her just like Historia. This probably why she’s so important for Reiner and Ymir. Somehow royal blood and the coordinates are connected, smiling Titan probably triggered this power on Eren but I’m just assuming since this wasn’t fully explained on the manga

          • Aleks

            It was fully explained. The founding titan’s power can only be fully utilized if the holder is of royal blood. However, if the holder is not of royal blood, the holder can still utilize ( somewhat ) the power of the founding titan if it is in direct contact with someone of royal blood. The smiling titan is a member of the Reiss family which is of royal blood. The moment eren punched the hand of that titan the power of the founding titan got triggered which made all the titans jump on the smiling titan

          • Sarah Noor

            no it was royal blood if u have royal blood or make contact with royal blood u can use coordinate of founding titan

        • Gunner 49

          *Spoiler Alert
          The smiling TITAN that touched eren is from the royal FRITZ family , and eren in contact with the Royal blood could turn into a Co-ordinate like his half brother ZEKE who owns beast titan (Shown at the end) and could control other titans for a moment..
          Correction : Smiling titan is not cordinate titan but her royal family blood has the capability to turn into cordinate .. Eren has inherited the co ordinate titan power from his dad Grisha but has not been able to harness it till now because he doesnt have royal blood

          • Wirexin

            +1 And also if you want some more details and correcting you can read my comment below.

    • MG Pro

      Eren is the “co-ordinate” as reiner called him in the episode. the “co-ordinate” has the power to control other titans which is what happened in this episode. Thats pretty much it

  • مدريدي اصيل

    How he’s controlling titans ? I’m confused

    • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

      If you want spoilers..

    • MG Pro

      He is the “co-ordinate” as reiner called him in the episode. the “co-ordinate” has the power to control other titans

      • Witch Mercy

        It’s coordinate not co-ordinate

  • Deniz Sürek

    one fuckin best eren x mikasa MOMENTS.

    • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos

      Too bad we will not see anymore

    • Deniz Sürek

      they should have kissed tough. THAT WAS WHAT İ WAİTİNG.

      • Sharil Shahediyen

        didn’t feel like the cool atmosphere for a romantic moment.

        • Deniz Sürek

          YEAH LOL. imagine titans are sitting and watching eren and mikasa doing…………………………………………..

  • Miroslav

    Is the guy that comes out of the Beast Titan at the end voiced by the same voice actor as Grisha? It would make so much sense if they did that!

  • Love me

    the feeling when you finish the episode and you realise that you have to wait the whole week for the next one :(( D:

    • Witch Mercy

      The next episode is in 2018 :^)

      • Noah13


  • inclemated

    is there going 2 be a ep13>?

    • DatPass


  • The Founding Titan

    OMG was not expecting them to reveal the Beast Titans true form this early into the story that was a shocker. In the manga they reveal his appearance way further into the plot e.g. at season 4 for the anime. But hey this will get those anime watchers guessing until next year.

    • inclemated

      <3 i havnt read the manga

      • The Founding Titan

        Lol just wait until you see how badass the Beast Titan is in strategy and combat, his on a whole other level compared to Reiner and Berholdt.

    • Sharil Shahediyen

      Tbh I already got the spoilers (no thanks to those shithead spammers) even though I try to avoid reading the manga for it. It just revealed the pilot of the titan, not his identity.

      • The Founding Titan

        True spoilers are hard to avoid for this anime because of the hype and yeah i did say ‘true form’ as in they revealed that its a human controlling the titan.

  • Deniz Sürek



      Ymir: *pets human*

  • Cloore Hawkhounds


  • Wonglishen Wong

    I can Marley believe this amazing season (manga readers should know what I mean)

    • Nawaz Rehman

      loooool! good one 😉
      Wheat and Marley is good for your health 😉

    • Sarah Noor

      i didnt get it… :(, i no wht marley is bt wht its supposed to mean here?

    • Sarah Noor


  • Deniz Sürek

    at the end. wait WHAT THE FUCK?

  • Deniz Sürek

    ah at least we are not gonna wait for 4 YEARS Again

    • junedragon

      dont jinx it lol

  • Deniz Sürek

    i think at the end. that guy is someone that old as eldians. i mean he didn’t knew about 3D fart flying shit gear. so?

  • naptime


  • Vishwa Pravin

    who is it on the beast titan in then end ? what are they waiting for ? Reiner ?

    • jack

      Eren’s half brother, reiner and bertolt superior

  • he ash1

    gonna miss the opening song:(

  • Wirexin

    At the last scene , I thought camera would go and show the Basement inside Eren’s house,not Zeke 😛

    • Sarah Noor

      thts after conquering wall maria as in first ep of this season…

  • Emra


  • C.J.

    That monkey titan looks like Erens father.

    • Chrome Maximum

      well… read the manga you’ll know who he is….

      • Nawaz Rehman

        loool 😛 You’re in for a surprise

  • Hina Takanashi
    • Raad


  • Bas Waaijer

    Like usual, thank you so much for this awesome last episode of this season!

    And lmao, they gave the biggest titanhater THAT power. Is there a better way to define irony?

    • Sarah Noor

      lol he became god of titans, he didnt even have to command them verbally

  • buhagen

    Was that Erens father on the Orangotang titan at the end?

  • HiddenIsOP

    Fuck you smiley you killed the ginger

  • Silverkyo

    FUCKING AWESOME…Just gotta wait til Season 3 comes out now then I can die a happy man

    • Sarah Noor

      u cant… there might be up to six seasons of this anime. (if 12 ep)

  • Scorpio Kisses 💋

    What will I do with my life now that Season 2 is over? Go outside? Perhaps date? 😩 Neeeeever! You won’t take me alive! 😂😂

  • Baker’s Bread


    • Wonglishen Wong

      Nah it is not his Father read the manga and u will know. Not only u but a lot of people thought that the beast Titan was Grisha

    • Sarah Noor

      cmon.. hed be contradicting himself if he was… he told eren to avenge his mom and retake wall maria…

      • Baker’s Bread

        That is the only character with those epic sideburns though

  • wendayy

    You know, given that Eren doesn’t know he has Coordinate, when he throws the second punch, what was he expecting it would happen?

    • Sarah Noor

      no… he didnt even knew all tht happened cuz of him until armin talked to him back in the walls.

  • Sanik


  • Hashi-san

    I just want to scream, the dream is coming true everything is starting to come together and i have a theory!! I haven’t read the manga and i don’t want anyone confirming anything if they can help it but I’ve heard that Armin’s parents died or went outside the walls i can’t remember what exactly was said but that guy on the beast titan’s shoulders had blonde hair. I wonder if Armin’s parents never died.

    Like i said please do not confirm anything as i want to read it for myself and not be spoiled.

    • Daniel Patrascanu

      well since you want no spoilers
      you’re wrong, not even close

    • Sarah Noor

      u no… seeing tht the author is isiyama… u might be right cuz they didnt show his dad die, he only didnt return… bt theres nothing related to it in manga yet.

      • Hashi-san

        oh well, it was fun theorizing stuff even if it wasn’t even close. Can you imagine though…

  • Hashi-san

    Are there going to be OVA’s? if yes then when would they come out?

    • junedragon

      As much as i loved them i actually hope they dont and just focus on season 3

  • Ali Khaled

    I’m so hyped but the problem is that every episode is every week and if its like 25 ep or more its more than 2 months >.<

    • Hashi-san

      this season is only going on for 12 episodes you have to wait for the next season in 2018

      • Валентин Адамович

        2018? REALLY?

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          Yeah. Why is that so hard to believe? Anyone who reads the manga or knows how manga-to-anime adaptation works wouldn’t doubt it for a second unless they’re still salty over season 2.

  • Best episode til now 😉

  • Jonathan Duretic

    imagine zekes voice actor reporting in for work and finding out he only has one line

    • junedragon

      They probably recorded all his lines for the season in one session

  • LaserSav


  • Wonglishen Wong

    No matter what anyone says Attack on Titan will always stay as my number 1 and this episode just showed the ability of this anime

  • Deniz Sürek

    fuck i can’t even watch this eremika scene withouth locking my door. TOO MUCH EREMİKA.

  • Euphoria

    fuck this episode

    • ZeroFunter

      Well, the first season ended in around September of 2013. It took them a bit more than three years to actually start the second one. Now, the third season’s been announced for 2018. We can’t assume much month-wise because it doesn’t seem like there’s a specific pattern as to when they start each new series… I’d say it could even be earlier than when you said.

      • JUSTAnAdvocate

        Question: You don’t know much about manga-to-anime adaptation, do you?

        • ZeroFunter

          I know that there’s a manga and that they’re following it when it comes to the anime. The previous comment was merely assumption.

  • Deniz Sürek

    i dont know how many flowers crushed in this episode. MORE THAN A MİLLİON

  • Deniz Sürek

    is this the first episode mikasa smiled?

    • Cu noi este TAS! #Kratos


  • Michael Wright

    I’m glad Ymir went back.

  • nagato

    everyone please give a warm welcome to zeke yeager!zeke yeager everybody!

  • AG#CAP

    So much raw emotion in this episode such a great series.

  • 101 PRO

    I love this anime its my life and I’m going to do the whole anime in cost play that’s right

  • Awesome Tester

    eren is now a god of titans

    • Sarah Noor

      his titan is actually called that in manga!

  • Molgurath


    • Tanzeel Rehman

      lol its not eren’s dad!

    • Ampocalypse W

      Not his father but 8 think they are related

    • Sarah Noor

      no or hed be contradicting himself…. cuz he told eren to avenge his mom in s1, remember?

  • Ampocalypse W

    I hate how they end things ugh fuck you AOT lol

  • Rokas Rokas

    In the end this guy was riding harambe

  • Валентин Адамович


    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Not how it works. If they do that, then you’ll HAVE to wait 4 years for another season. 12 episodes ever year, or 25 every 4 years. One or the other. Your pick.

  • Oh My God! Just kiss already lovebirds, its been 37 episodes.. god! 😂😂

    • Masoyuusha

      I wished it was the case.. But… Eren being himself, even if he were to die, still wouldn’t wanna go down without a fight.

  • Masoyuusha

    Hannes clearly needed to play more Wings of Freedom….

  • Balthaza

    you guys know that the beast titan isn’t eren’s dad right? its eren’s half brother

  • Oshin Hacopian

    so we got

    (22 min. Avg x 12 Ep, = 264 min)
    264 min = 4.5 hours ??????? 4.5 hours in 4 years and now 1 more year for 4.5 hours ?? and the story was mostly written already??? and like 99% of characters drawn out already….

    Quit jackin off and release that shit

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      You don’t know how manga-to-anime adaptation works, do you? Obviously not. You think that if you liked something this much, you’d look into why its taking so long farther than the most recent rumor on the net.

      Season 1 was 25 episodes. It adapted the first 33 chapters of the manga. Season 2 was 12 episodes and adapted 17 chapters of the manga. At the time the first season ended, the manga was at chapter 48, meaning that it didn’t even have enough material for a 12ep season, let alone the full 25. Not to mention, the manga releases 1 chapter a month. So they needed to wait for the manga to get to 66/67 chapters before they could do the full 25.

      Fast forward, they do just that. They then realize “Hey, everyones bitching about waiting all this time. If we drop this season as it is, then people will do the same once its over”, so last minute, they decided to go with 12ep seasons. Now, the manga is currently at 94 chapters, so if they stick to the 12ep format, they can make up to 4 seasons.

      However, that still takes time. The quality animation you see in AoT takes tremendous effort. To just mass produce the anime until its caught up with the manga would not only lead to another super long wait for new content eventually, but the content we’d be getting would be of much lower quality.

      So overall, please understand that this is the best case scenario. Its rather unreasonable to demand what your demanding now, isn’t it?

  • Oricks

    fuck that shit at the end, in the manga we saw a clear look of *the beast titan’s* face

    • Masoyuusha

      It’s called, “building the hype”, y’know what I’m sayin’? 😀

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Uh, not in that scene, no. Please pull up the image if you think I’m wrong.

  • Senpai Fabulous


  • Yojuro Fullneel

    The cliffhanger left me like this!

  • Yojuro Fullneel
  • Eoin

    Season 3 will probably cover the Rod Reiss arc

    • AOT&TOG


      *It’ll most likely show the arc where reiner goes to recapture erin and the fight to kill reiner and bethrolt occurs. also the fight between levi and the beast titan*

    • Sarah Noor

      yup, and probably only tht.

  • Minecraft man

    I hate how Attack On Titan doesn’t finish a bunch of mysteries(at least in the anime, haven’t read manga). Like Eren’s basement. We never got an answer on that. Or that wall Titans/

    • Myronic

      Thats because the anime is currently only half of the length of the manga.. The wall titans have been revealed in the manga, from where and how they came from and why they are there now.

      • JUSTAnAdvocate

        Those mysteries you want answers to will be in Season 4.

    • Sarah Noor

      wait.. wall titans were already revealed in 1st ep, and erens basement can only be visited after conquering wall maria as said in ep1 which isnt covered yet. YET.

  • Jacob Gainey

    What happened to the beast titan??
    this ius not my real name btw

    • Myronic

      he died

      • Chrome Maximum

        he was waiting for reiner and bertolt

    • Chrome Maximum

      He’s waiting

  • Mason Johnson

    Disaster/other names Centers in North America, Africa, Europe, especially in Georgia, it is legal to kill people for experiments. People there who works are also very pretentious, even you wouldn’t notice who killers are because they look so innocent. May want to look into that in Season 3. They inject you with weird shit and lock you up even if you’re healthy and perfectly fine. I mean, its worse than jail according to some. Also, it is extremely ethnocentric and hostile towards Asians from what I know by whites and blacks. I’m white, and even I think its wrong, its like a mini German constitution camp made for Asians, but its white/black. EXTREMELY ETHNOCENTRIC AND RACIST. Not to mention white/black guys are the ones controlling and running every internet we use today using Data Center as private institution. KILL OFF ALL DISASTER CENTERS AND ALL TYPES ALIKE IN THE WORLD – they lie, and deceit try steal your and everyone’s money.

    Don’t believe me? Check for yourself. Hope this intel helps. And for Season 3, since it seemed like that’s what japanese artists were looking for. I <3 South Koreans + North Koreans. UNITE. GO GO GO. :D:D:D:D:):):):)

    Credit: Brian KyungMin Byon [deceased][by hostile experiments by legal American federal law in secrets][brave until death][korean]


  • Marcus Macon

    IMA miss u all 🙁 i love reading yall coments:) 2018 see you all until then

  • Jay Richardson

    Why the fk do we have to wait this damn long for this many episodes, the series is that damn good, make freakin 300 episodes jesus!!! I’m pissed… waiting is a virture but waiting a whole yr for 12 episodes?

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Read this if you care to know why.
      You don’t know how manga-to-anime adaptation works, do you? Obviously not. You think that if you liked something this much, you’d look into why its taking so long farther than the most recent rumor on the net.
      Season 1 was 25 episodes. It adapted the first 33 chapters of the manga. Season 2 was 12 episodes and adapted 17 chapters of the manga. At the time the first season ended, the manga was at chapter 48, meaning that it didn’t even have enough material for a 12ep season, let alone the full 25. Not to mention, the manga releases 1 chapter a month. So they needed to wait for the manga to get to 66/67 chapters before they could do the full 25.
      Fast forward, they do just that. They then realize “Hey, everyones bitching about waiting all this time. If we drop this season as it is, then people will do the same once its over”, so last minute, they decided to go with 12ep seasons. Now, the manga is currently at 94 chapters, so if they stick to the 12ep format, they can make up to 4 seasons.
      However, that still takes time. The quality animation you see in AoT takes tremendous effort. To just mass produce the anime until its caught up with the manga would not only lead to another super long wait for new content eventually, but the content we’d be getting would be of much lower quality.

      So overall, please understand that this is the best case scenario. It certainly cannot be done the way you suggest.

      • Jay Richardson

        Talk about a tight-wad who takes things way too serious about anime, not my first anime bud. Remove the cork back there and you may be able to sit down a little easier guy. Have a good one lol.

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          A long-winded explanation isn’t “taking things too seriously”, but sure. If you want to completely ignore the validity of what I have to say for the sake of some high school insult, then so be it.

          • Jay Richardson

            didn’t ignore just didn’t read it, like I told Matthew everything you just said I knew, it was a simple sarcastic joke. been watching anime and reading manga for years, this wasn’t a shock to me about releases and waiting for other chapters, I thought the 2027 romance joke simplified the sarcasm. You were simply sitting on your high horse too long without understanding sarcasm period. You’ve downgraded most of the comments from others from simple mistakes. Like the fellow who mention the beast titan was Eren’s dad, now instead of explaining to him like you tried to explain to me about the waiting period you could of explained why that’s not his dad. Just bcuz he looked similar with the glasses and similar styled hair even though it’s blonde and not the color of Eren’s dad you went out your way to say he knows nothing as if he didn’t watch season 1 and 2 or possibly read the manga and made a simple error in sight. High horse much or just a complete asshole by nature?

        • Matthew Spero

          “Why the fk do we have to wait this damn long for this many episodes”
          He just gave you the thorough, unopinionated answer to your question and you call him a “tight-wad”? Don’t be a dick.

          • Jay Richardson

            it was sarcasm, everything he explained is nothing new. I’ve watched anime and read manga for years now since series like trigun, zoids, s-cry-ed was released. You simply didn’t get the sarcasm that’s all that is.

          • Matthew Spero

            Oh, I see. Animes such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc do have 300 episodes, so I didn’t see your original comment as being too unreasonable. Sorry for taking your words seriously. I found Advocate’s information helpful, so I was surprised that you didn’t just say something along the lines of “I was being sarcastic, but thank you anyway”.

  • Jay Richardson

    Eren and Mikasa should just hook up already, I’m waiting for this love scene to kick off, that’ll be in 2027…..

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      The anime will be over before 2027.
      Now waiting for your inpending “delayed release” joke meant to express saltiness.

      • Jay Richardson

        G’morning captain obvious, long time no see.

  • Trevon R. Morris

    That Monkey Titan looks like Eren’s Dad… freaking epic ending.

    • Chrome Maximum

      it gives you a clue who that is huh?

      • Trevon R. Morris

        Just an assumption really..

    • Sarah Noor

      bt its not or hed be contradicting himself

      • Trevon R. Morris

        Yeah just found out he is the half brother from the titan side… I am even more intrigued now. I was just going off how he sat and smiled. Reminded me of Eren in his idle times.

    • Simon Claus

      he’s eren’s half blood brother from the same father..

  • DanyDragon

    I’m shook as hellll. I knew Hannes was gonna die, RIP my man. Mikasa’s talk to Eren was beautiful. Armin trying to protect Jean was very cute/concerning. AAAgh so much good stuff!

  • MrDeathFlame’ Animations

    hey atleast we aren’t ganna wait 4 years

  • Hurgusburgus

    Ymir, please, you’re going to end up breaking your girlfriend’s heart.

  • Justin Trein

    Whoa who the hell is that guy that is standing on the beast titan?

    • Chrome Maximum


  • Kymani Rose

    eren dad is the beast titan lol always knew

    • Chrome Maximum

      lol? read the manga

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      You know nothing.

    • Sarah Noor

      thts so not true… u can also prove it from anime: grisha told eren to avenge his mother’s death, then why would he fight ppl inside walls himself?

  • Dino Dare

    Um, no. Armin is dead. There’s no way swiping a sword up and down while holding a wounded man is going to keep a titan on the other end of a tree scared out of his pants.
    Also. I know the last thing I want to be is a side character in Attack on Titan. If I was I would stay far out of military work.

  • Roy Fredriksz

    YOO it better not end here! It just started! We have been waiting for so long!

  • Holden

    you can hear a sample of Bad Karma ( @4:05

  • hodo

    oh well hopefully season 3 is not a full year’s wait or more and will just have to go back to the manga, there’s still luckily a huge amount of chapters in between so season 3 will still be equally as interesting if not more interesting than this season 2 here, next year is better than waiting 4 years that’s for sure.

  • MrDeadPumpkin

    Hannes’ death was even more dramatic in the anime… but holy hell eren’s coordinate powers were even better than the manga.

    I still wonder why can beast titan control some *special* titans.

    • Sarah Noor

      if u r up to date on manga… u will know they r ordinary titans who r *treated* if u r talking about moonlight

  • JCaunario

    so…. the monkey is the leader?

    • Sarah Noor


  • Simon

    This episode was a fucking roller coaster
    first im hyped thinking Eren would kill the titan that killed his mother
    then im sad that Hannes died
    then im hyped again thinking Mikasa would finally kiss Eren
    then im sad again that it didn’t happen
    then im hyped again again when eren punched the titan and all the other titans started to attack the titan

  • hassan abdurrehman

    i thing the monkey looking titan is eren’s father

    • Sarah Noor

      u r very close!… bt his father wouldnt fight ppl inside the walls while telling him to avenge his mother…., bt u dont no if eren has another relative, do u?

    • Simon Claus

      he’s eren’s half blood brother from the same father.

  • ZiPotato

    well, I do read the manga any ways…

  • Sarah Noor

    noo they omitted scene of eren taking blame for mikasas cracked ribcage…. btw mikasa got obviously too close than in manga… how did eren still not notice???

  • SpArKeR

    OMG the moment when mikasa and eren was about to kiss was sooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeee

    oh and by the way if u didnt read the manga (like me) you probaly dont know who is the beast titan..
    my friends read the manga so he told me but i swear when you will see will be like: OMG WTF?!? AHAHAHAH
    but the manga and the episode are different sometimes so.. i dont gonna tell you what with eren’s father in the manga cuz it will be a big fucking spoiler…

  • zahra11378

    ugh maaaan -__- i don’t wanna wait another fucking yeaaaarrrr uuugh so annoyiiing

  • Nicholas Evan Cain

    This episode, omfg, the creator knows exactly how to get you in the feels. Holy fucking shit…

  • ★ נєииα ★

    this season was definitely better than season 1 by far. Animation improved, music is amazing, not to mention every episode was action packed and so entertaining. We even got parts of the story from side characters, like Sasha. I absolutely can’t wait for next year.

  • Walker Booy

    is that eren dad

  • sadsackofsaggyshit

    no flying whales… how disappointing.

  • NicxPot


  • MakoShako

    I feel tortured

  • Sarah Noor

    i just came up with theory… maybe smthing will happen when ermika happens bt its built on shaky ground cuz we dont know about mika’s and levi’s fathers yet bt its possible

  • Jack Shipley

    Season 1 has 24 episodes but season 2 only has 12 someone tell me they’re joking that’s just plain dumb

  • Hichem


  • Levi Heichou

    Cant wait to see myself in action again in S3…

  • Gaming Wolf

    why is there only fast 1080p on the subbed version?

  • undeadslayer4

    8:41 What is wrong with u HOW COULD U NOT CHANGE THAT WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

  • undeadslayer4

    How is Erwin not dead from blood loss yet?

  • undeadslayer4

    Wait if Reiner is being forced to do what he’s then why cant he just team up with Eren and the humans to fight the Beast Titan now that Eren can control Titans?

  • undeadslayer4

    22:07 Wait is that Eren’s dad?

  • undeadslayer4

    So glad its only gonna take a 1 year until season 3.

  • Captain Levi

    Ahh its captainlevi265 from the chat if any1 is reading that knew me hi i miss u see u in 2018