Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 6 Dubbed

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 06 DUBBED.
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You are watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 06 DUBBED.
Season 2 Episode 06 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan English Dubbed

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  • Nat

    whats going on.. where is the episode? 🙁

    • Uwotm8?

      Agree’ this is some bullshit right now i have been waiting a whole 6 days for this 🙁

      • Devon Lock

        Ikr, i’ve also been waiting for 6 days

    • Pinkie Pie

      12 days later. have you seen it yet?

  • dontcare23516 547346

    No episode this week, so move along. Blame the Samurai Jack marathon on Toonami.

    • Luciana Alexandre

      That makes no sense!! Wtf..

  • DrVanShlong
  • Luciana Alexandre

    Again this?! If they compensated with 2 episodes next week there was no problem ..We are getting too far apart, it increases the chances of spoilers.. grrrrrrrr

  • Darshan Victor

    hey when ep.7 comes this weekend are you going to upload both ep 6 and 7? please tell me yes.

  • Pinkie Pie


  • Mark Trevaskis

    When’s this episode supposed to be coming out? It’s been over a week now..

  • Hampton Greene

    This isn’t even English wtf

  • Shae

    18mins is just not long enough. Barely anything happen this entire episode. Its good but god damn its short.

    • crispy123

      Flys by quick af

  • crispy123

    I have to say ( And before i do i’m not the sub over dub type) but they really needed to do another take at that end revaluation , it was good but compared to the sub it was kinda passionless. Maybe thats what iget for watching subs version first . Hell of an episode . And i hope that the people complained about the last few episodes for plot building now fully understand why they had do that in ord er to build up to this bomb shell.

  • September’s♣VeryOwn

    gaddanggg. the most epic reveal ever, came out of nowhere.

  • Jaden LB

    OMFG.. that scene at the end, how mikasa came in there and sliced bertolt’s throat and the intense look with tears on his face and the “We’re doing this right now reiner??!!” paired with all the intense music and yelling holy FUCK… that shit was intense and extremely well-written, BRAVO!!!!!!! WOW!

    • Jaden LB

      The fact the reiner revealed it so non-chalantly that he was the armored titan and bertolt the colossal was so fuckin’ insane like everyone’s waiting for just an epic reveal (which it still oddly was Lmao) but nah reiner just pulled eren back and was like “Hey man, yeah I’m the armored titan that busted through wall maria all those years ago, and yeah he’s the colossal titan…… so………… yeahh see ya.” Lmfao, crazy as hell, I oddly cringed but laughed at the same time since he just dropped such a big new flash bomb so loosely like he didn’t give a damn, rofl. 😛

      • DrVanShlong

        aye it was bananas bud

        • Jaden LB

          Lol Surely! (:

  • Jaden LB

    And the look that bertolt had right before he transformed like he was sad and didn’t even want too.. crazy as shit lol, but so intense and epic it really tugged at your emotions!

    • Cole

      Hes so timid and quiet and thats what he transforms into im dead i cant with this show anymore i dont trust anybody

      • Jaden LB

        Lmfao SAAAME!! 😀

  • Aditya Iyer

    i hate the dub roar but damn what a episode!!!!!