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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 06.
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Season 2 Episode 06 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

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  • Sander Oppeel

    oh come on it’s only been 5 episodes and they’re allready taking a break???

    • Samishii Eggdrasyl Belia Mizus

      You’re looking for episode 5 mate, they just put each page one week early with this countdown

      • Sander Oppeel

        yeah, i realized it shortly after 🙂

    • Sifl

      how entitled can you get? Dude, you aren’t owed anything. Chill out, relax, the world isn’t going to end because you didn’t get more attack on titan fast enough.

      • Sander Oppeel

        i made an honest mistake and you can shove your smart ass remark up your ass

        • Sifl

          it’s not about a mistake , it’s about how everyone expects free shit on their time, with no regards to the animators, producers etc. I’m just saying you should have some patients, I’m not trying to be a smartass.

          • Sander Oppeel

            I guess i’m still traumatized by naruto

          • Abhiram


          • Dino Dare

            I’m getting a bit impatient as well. At this rate we will be here for over a decade to see every episode of every season this show will have.
            Also, they already animated this season, so why can’t we just watch it????

    • wh4t3v3ruw4nt2c4ll

      1 episode comes out per week, but this gonna take long, about 3 months to fill up 25 episodes

      • What 25?
        Only 12* episodes.

        • wh4t3v3ruw4nt2c4ll

          r u sure??

          • Ymir Sama.

            1 month contains 4 weeks. 4 * 3 = 12. 3 months will have 12 weeks. 1 episode comes out in 1 week. so 12 weeks = 12 episodes.

          • Silveon

            they definitely said there was only 12 episodes

          • MrWave Prince

            It’s good that there’s only 12 episodes because the pacing is way better in season 2.

  • Or Ange

    I believe in this episode some certain titans are *nudge nudge* if ya know what I mean

    • Reece Kerlin

      I’ve been waiting to see *them* for the entire second season, but it is so slow paced compared to the manga that I’m starting to doubt we’ll ever see them XD

  • MrDeathFlame’ Animations

    ill try avoiding any attack on titan content until all of the episodes are released i dont wanna get accidentally spoiled

    • Mik3one5

      Wouldn’t that just make it easier to spoil you if you’re not caught up?

    • Wolfdune

      yet ur on this site episode 6 not 1

      • MrDeathFlame’ Animations

        I was joking because i know that someone will repy a spoiler…

  • Demoulin Gonzague

    dude c ant wait anymore and if there is only 12 episodes

  • Ray B

    They need to release stuff like Netflix does. All at once

    • Dan Joseph La Breche

      Why. So instead of a week you wait a year. Or another 3 and a half.why arent americans ever happy with what ever is given to them. Thats why your large is extra large in canada which we dont have because we portion better. Regardless take what you get.

      • Zoë Christine

        I fancy how you assume he’s American mate; but I agree that it should all be released at one. Am i American too because i’m not happy with whats given to me? (Im from England) And i’ve been to Canada and America, you both are just as bad, Canadians just have a worse temper and are way chunkier than Americans. Try living in England so you can make a valid comment saying “your large is an extra larger in England, which we don’t have” which I do believe a large in Canada is a 3 XL in England (: Regardless, be valid before you speak.

        • YourOpinionSucks

          Did you really just say Canadians have a worse temper and are chunkier than Americans? Even though England is almost tied with America for Obesity? When Canada is praised for kindness and peace? Where most provinces don’t even carry a gun? Where the most severe incident is someone with a knife on a street walking around? Please give me your source of knowledge that tells you that Canada is such a worse place to be than America and the UK.

          • Austin Doiron

            Canada is a socialist country. It’s common sense that you won’t hear about any of that stuff. Hell, when I lived in Essex county, Ontario a cop was shot and killed just for questioning a guy over by a Mac’s Milk a few streets down from my house. That “kindness and peace” bs is nothing more than a joke for the rest of the world to laugh at.

          • YourOpinionSucks

            Think you’re mixing up the cop with the Taxi Driver getting beat to death in London Ontario in front of a Macs… And he wasn’t questioning the kid was on fucking drugs. Hell I live in that city and attended the funeral like many Canadians did. Wait how did I hear about that? Right our very own news…. So wait it’s common sense to not hear about it, but I did?

          • Austin Doiron

            Not at all what I’m talking about. The fact that you don’t know what I’m talking about as well as me not knowing the situation you’re referring to further proves what I said.

          • PleaseAcknowledgeReality

            But you have no source or facts to present so you may as well not be reporting it either. One case of secondary evidence of violence is not solid enough to change anyone’s opinion about Canada

          • Julian Laviada

            Penetrate my mudflap cuz I’m a dumb fat American.

          • PleaseAcknowledgeReality

            I don’t think those have anything to do with one another but if you insist…

          • Marissa Campos

            Exactly. When a tragic incident happens like a car crash or a death in Canada, the local news in that area makes an entire report on it. America doesn’t give a crap about that. All they want is fake news and gossip about the latest celebrity. Well, unless the corpse is positioned in a funny way or the murderer drew smiley faces with the blood. That’s because once again, news stations in America only care about things that will attract more viewers.

        • Taylor Mackenzie Crowley

          Britain(62%) is actually twice as obese as canada(33.7%). America is only marginally worse with 68%. Check your facts before you try to say that kinda stuff. Canada also doesnt have a history of murdering and invading other nations (which we all know britain does) Keep in mind the bad tempered Canadians are 8th on the global peace index, UK comes in at 47

          • Mantas Ragauskas

            Angry Canadians are only like mildly not nice.
            I think some teen isn’t guilty about the aggressiveness of their past leaders.
            Fat Americans has nothing to do with just being a shitty person.
            And it’s like a free world, say whatever you want, Jesus…

          • Mohet Khamees

            stop fighting over f*ing countries. first of all were just sperms that popped up in different places n each place got a name. you didnt even contribute shlt to building or making the country ur in right now neither the house ur in. so i dont see any point in bragging with someone else’s d#ck [email protected] Feggitz. nubs.

          • Daniel Mason

            People in Britain wanted to colonise a country. They colonised Canada. Meaning, the ones that colonised it BECAME Canadian. The people in Britain at the moment are descendants of the British that didn’t colonise anything (Hence them still being in Britain). Canadians are descendants of Brits that DID colonise. (Hence them now being in Canada). Also. We Brits had an ego that was too big for our island xD.

          • Diego Duarte

            You joke about colonization…. “XD”, you posh, racist, genocidal Brits caused the pain and suffering of countless indigenous peoples. You should be ashamed.

          • jr esc nl

            your comment gave me cancer. Canada is founded by the brits and lays on invaded inuit/indian land -_-

        • Mantas Ragauskas

          I’m a Lithuanian and I can say that we don’t have large because we can’t afford one. The reason why it’s 1 season per year is that there not enough mange written. They are waiting for manga.

        • dandonovski

          Jesus, Canadians, Brits & Yankees.. cant you see you are all the same!? I’m a half Chinese half Macedonian; Australian.. and I cant fucking wait for the next episode to come out. But who am i to question the people who made this fucking amazing anime?

        • @b

          Why the hell is discrimination here in AoT 2nd season comment list??

        • pa

          mate is Aussie aye

        • Del Toro

          I’m a half Hungarian half Guatemalan and I wonder what Japenese people are thinking about that ? I think It’s strange that that’s the only nation we haven’t taked about yet isn’t it ? 😀

        • PleaseAcknowledgeReality

          “Ray” short for Raymond is an American name. Plausible assumption. Then he said Canada doesn’t have an extra large like America. Which is just based on his experiences so far, obviously. And finally pointed out that you will never be able to get more than what is given so it’s pointless to whine about it. Which is damn good advice.

          I hope you are at least aware that you just trolled about 20 people into giving their opinions on how dumb everyone’s country is.

      • Wolfdune

        k 1st of all i think even american larges should be bigger and heres why GET UR MONEYS WORTH also if u dont tel them no ice u probably will only get like half of the cup as a drink.
        Also why does that make someone american and if ur from Canada as u make it seem ur an american to dumbass

        • Suriya

          Have you gone so low as to argue about fucking countries on an anime site like what the fuck.

          • ChelseaTaya

            That’s what I was going to say, What a great place to talk about Canada, America and the UK XD

          • Daniel Mason

            I feel like Australia isn’t getting much attention recently…..

          • Qamar Stationwala

            Australia got some attention from Trump when he admitted that they have a better healthcare system than us. LOL

          • Suriya

            probably because we have almost a tenth of the population of america and almost fifteenth of the population compared to europe. We also are the smallest continent (not counting antartica) and one with the worst internet.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Why are canadians always so high and mighty thinking they are on top of the world when in reality you live off of the fucking scraps of other greater nations. Instead of just being content in what a company gives you why don’t you fucking contribute towards capitalism by providing critic of peoples products instead of lowering the quality of things like anime by being content with the sublime. You’re contentedness is whats destroying the world my friend by stiffiling inovation and growth.
        Promptly fuck off.

        • YourOpinionSucks

          Wait, you support capitalism, so you’re part of the 1%? Why would anyone care about your opinions then? You’re all about the 1% and government controlling everything. Promptly fuck off.

          • Reece Kerlin

            So, in your case, you would rather be a fucking communist then be capitalist? In that case, you can fuck right off.

          • Daniel Mason

            NO NO NO. Be polite. Say ‘Promptly’ before you tell him to fuck off. Its basic manners.

        • Septamous Havoc

          Americans like you are so proud of their country and capitalism even though they hardly understand that they’re being screwed over. The richest 10% own 74% of the countries wealth. And yet you still sit here going on about how Canadians live off of scraps, when Canada’s poverty rates are much lower than America’s. It is true that capitalism forces the best quality products to be produced, but that doesn’t mean everyone can buy them. The innovation and growth that you say isn’t present in Canada due to Canada’s contentedness with poor quality is no better in the states. The Americans pushing to improve everything are only Americans with the time and money to do so. And since nearly everyone is struggling to get by, only that 10% is contributing. This 10% is made up of big businesses who care about nothing but money. They’ll do whatever it takes to earn money, regardless of the safety of their people or the environment. Quite frankly, these businesses are whats destroying the world, not Canadians who take what they can get.

        • PleaseAcknowledgeReality

          So your ideal world consists of the fast growth possible? Overpopulating and using as many resources as possible? Most people disagree with you if that’s the case

      • Alexis Polenne

        France is better. Period.

      • Shady Nhb Arroyo

        most people who trash on others and boast their own, are not as happy as they say they are. don’t worry bud life will get better. soon you wont have to find flaw’s in others to feel complete about yourself.

      • Uguu

        That’s a little stupid to say, don’t you think? I am content with the waiting limit. Gives me time to watch other anime. I am American. What do you have to say about that?

      • Marissa Campos

        Thank you my fellow Canadian.

    • Alaa Mejri

      absolutely dude!

    • Dave Shalikiani

      they could release 4 seasons at once in this time they took 4 FUCKING years MAYBE MORE

      • Tal cogan

        Actually they worked on season 2 for like, 3 months. They are a small studio and they created 2 other series’ in those 4 years

        • Gamer Zach

          I would also like to add, Wit Studio and Production I.G both worked on Attack on Titan, and two other shows in between the time span of four years is not only incorrect information, but would be extremely foolish on their part in the sense of making money.

      • Deniz Sürek

        they made the attack on titan wings of freedom game. thats why it took long.

    • eleesa

      the main reason why is because theyre working on manga at the same time and need to make sure theres enough for future seasons, when they first made season one the anime was already so close to the manga which is why they took 4 years to expand it. if they release it all at once (especially if the season is 25+ eps long) it might take longer.

      • Sonic13128

        I mean they have a lot of arcs between the anime and manga m. I’m pretty sure it was b/c of that.

    • KonoYuri Yuuki

      Dude… Really? Acting is easy but animating is hard be patient

    • Jackson McPeck

      This one comment about wanting the entire season now, because it’s been so good so far, has turned into a fucking history (Or should I say- “HISTORIA” [ba-dum tss]) lesson.

    • Ador luigi

      Let me complete this discussion
      Australia is tiny and needs to be bombed
      China is overpopulated
      Israel is filled with jews
      Sudan,Uganda,Nigeria,Niger,Ethiopia and other African countries are too poor
      American are European rejects
      Canadians can’t end a sentence without “ay” or “buddy”
      France is only revolving around romance
      North Korea is ruled by communist dictators
      Japan is a sponsor for porn
      And every other country I didn’t mention is shiet
      So now this conversation needs to end
      Oh you can’t call me racist since I added my country >:D

      • Suriya

        Australia’s huge it’s just that its desert in the middle and the most of the largest cities in Australia are on the outskirts.

        • Ador luigi

          It’s still the smallest continent

  • Ashton Mabire

    Hurry the *titan eren roar* up and *titan eren roar* release it Dx WALL DANG IT!


    No rush btw xD

  • Dino Dare

    I hear there are only 12 episodes.
    Lets do this math.
    4 years for season 2.
    One episode a week.
    6 weeks, which is 1 month and 2 weeks for episode 6.
    After this episode we will be halfway through the second season.
    We will be able to watch the entire season in 12 weeks.
    That would be about 3 months.
    Season 1 ended about 4 years ago.
    4 years + 3 months.
    We will have waited 4 years and 3 months for 12 episodes of the second season, and then have to wait another long amount of time for another delayed season to finish the series. Which isn’t taking into account how many seasons they will be stretching it too. Meaning we may not even be able to see the entire thing in anime form for a long ass time, maybe even a decade.
    Just end my life now please.

    • Dino Dare

      If I’ve been lied to and there are more than 12 episodes. The amount of time we will have to wait will be greatly extended, so that doesn’t really help matters because more episodes means more time they can spend on cliffhangers and filler.

    • Shanoi

      That’s why I just read the manga. It’s ridiculous waitin on the anime … it wI’ll never end

    • Ymir Sama.

      I was expecting some complex maths ;(
      Also, we will have waited for 4 years and 6 months (including Jan, Feb, March).
      In those 4 years, they took 17 weeks 4 days and 1 hour for 1 episode (I hope it’s correct).

    • Jonas Buivydas

      Know one thing, that it didn’t take season 2 to make 4 years. The production company was really busy during that time, and they simply delayed the production of new season. They were busy with other franchise production (simply to put it, they were milking it as much as they could). It took around 8 months to make season 2, so in the future, I think we won’t have to wait 4 years again. Just have that possibility in mind.

      • 8bit

        I think what people fail to realize is that the creators sometimes let the production of the show go on hiatus because they are burnt out, can’t think of a good way to continue it, or end it for that matter.

        I’ve experienced this too as an artist, and I simply come back to whatever I was working on at the time when I was ready, or I don’t come back at all. I think people would be more patient if this concept was understood.

  • Niyar Deka

    The Anime is one of the best i have ever watched…But the amount of time ruined it

  • Samet Kurnaz

    Is the manga further than the anime ?

    • Salim Kastiro

      the anmie right now is about 45% of the manga

      • Ymir Sama.

        actually it’s 33.33%

        • Salim Kastiro


          • Ymir Sama.

            Dude, there are 31 total animated episodes of Attack on titan, then there are 93 manga chapters. So, 31/93*100 = 33.333333333…%. This rounded off = 33.33%

          • Salim Kastiro

            lmao, that’s not how you do that. They are currently at around chapter 45~ dosent matter if there are 31 episodes..

  • ZiPotato

    2 HOURS

  • NyanKediSiziSeviyor

    guys some peoples saying in 6 episode mikasa die

    • MisakiTheKindGirl

      no she doesnt

  • Mollie 3883

    im excited :))

    • DatAwesomeDude

      me too so fucking much lol

    • 8bit

      Same, but the video keeps buffering…. damn you ISP!

      • @b

        Yea….like u are watching a scene where someone is going to mess things up….and it buffers amidst the battle… What the fuck??

      • thegift

        There are several video sources to choose from. Maybe you’d like to try that out next time

  • Asuka Nakamura

    1 hour!!! LET’S GO!!!

  • Mollie 3883

    whos watching the live stream

  • NyanKediSiziSeviyor

    guys did you see the moment that ymir up to town and she say ,, if you want to live drag my hair” something like this berthold try to transform

    • Ymir Sama.

      “Want live? Grab me” -Ymir

      • NyanKediSiziSeviyor


  • DatAwesomeDude

    well then everyone what were your reactions to this?
    you now know the identities of the armored & colossal titans

    • Mary

      i kinda knew it all along i mean it was too easy to see and plus i read the manga

      • DatAwesomeDude

        same here but this episode was too short

        • Mary


        • Daniel Mason

          I hate how the ‘next time’ clips at the end of an episode are always from the END of the next episode ;(

  • Mary


    • DatAwesomeDude

      yeah :/

  • Titan hunter

    So close

  • fifichalastara

    30 seconds to go!!!!

  • Vincent Liussyaputra


  • State Nicolae

    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.Like if that was your reaction too when you saw “To be continued”

    • Sam

      If thats your reaction now you’ll be on the floor in a few more eps, considering its accurately following the manga, shit is about to escalate

  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaques


  • Dark Dog

    been waiting for thiiiiiiis ever since i read the manga version of this scene

  • Lolgil


    • Titan hunter

      I know right

  • Titan hunter

    Nooooooooooooooooooo what a cliffhanger i can’t wait for another week 😱😭

  • houranizz

    why does the colossal titan look like this

    • Anthony_Frazier

      They used a different animation style. Looks like CGI to me.

      • idk

        It’s CGI, in fact. I don’t like this choice they made, but it looks like it was a pain in the ass to draw that big boy. Sucks tho.

      • Izzy Bolden

        Funimation shows are CGI heavy

  • James Gagui


  • James Gagui

    Im literally screaming

  • Simona


    • iwachan

      I think you meant *O*

      • Simona

        Nah man the Q stands for ‘saliva is coming out of my mouth because its too cool’ xD

  • Deniz Sürek

    ookay. so next episode gonna will be the war that gonna show whats gonna happed to the human race.there is 2 options. the first one: HUMANS WİLL GONE EXTİNİC AND WALLS GONNA GET SMASHED the other one:humans gonna contiune live and keep devoured by other titans. so eather way humans are potatos for titans.

  • Khanin Sahapattanasombat

    Spoiler Ahead :


    • Dark Dog

      now its been revealed
      they clues were all there mate
      after reading the chapter
      i went back and looked at season 1 and there were so many hints
      eg reiner removes his hood so annie would recognise him etc

      • naptime

        i rewatched season 1, then noticed them too! i can’t believe that those small details became a big deal now.
        like in the battle of trost, when connie breaks the news of the abnormal titan (eren) attacking other titans, reiner is the one who asks connie if he knows more about the titan

        • Dark Dog

          yup there is a lot more

    • dmerritt4ever

      i knew about Reiner because he was the only person with the same hair as the armored titian, but not about the other guy.

      • MrDeadPumpkin

        i mean Bertolt is the tallest one of them so…. it kinda makes sense.

    • Yraco

      Not really spoilers when it happens in the episode and if people read the comments before watching on this then they’re pretty stupid with basically everything being about what happened in the episode and how great it is.

  • Leonardo Marino

    Holy Shit 6th episode is sick! Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  • Silverkyo


    • Shawn Clark

      Me to bro

  • Xymsia
  • Mohamed Abd

    that is so crazy i can’t wate for the next week *_*

  • TripSin

    Fuck man another long week to wait ;_;

  • Bas Waaijer

    Thank you for yet another awesome episode of AoT!

    I laughed so hard when Reiner said what he did, which was mind blowing and immediately it switched to the other conversation – making it sort of a background talk. I actually was like – ‘eh… WHAT?… DID I HEAR THIS RIGHT?’ Eren’s response was out of the ordinary though, normally he would’ve exploded in rage.

    • Izzy Bolden

      Reiner was being Reiner lol smh

    • Izzy Bolden

      Eren thought he was on an episode of Punk’d

  • TBRRT11

    Does anyone know whats the song playing when Ehren transforms?

  • Easy Win


    • iwachan

      just read the f*cking manga!
      I mean seriously, trust me it’s totally worth it.
      You won’t be able to stop until you reach the last chapter though.

      • Ali0 (GodFAthEr)

        well that was me , as soon as i watched the s1e1 i finished the whole season on the same day, although i haven’t read manga yet,but don’t want to know the spoilers and all.

  • Jithakrishna Prakash

    Some very important lines are left untranslated… PLEASE FIX IT!!

    • This is final release.there will be no fix or new version.

  • JCaunario


  • PS

    This was epic!!! … I kinda guessed who the armored titan could be from the hairstyle but had nop idea about the colossal titan. Shit!

  • Eren-kun

    They just told us who is colossal titan and armored titan and the comments here are talking about shit .
    People got crazy cuse if the awesomeness of this anime

    • idk

      I agree.

  • Silver

    ;-; i hate it how they leave stuff on a cliff hanger and then make us wait a week for to watch what happened on that cliff hanger just to end us on another cliff hanger…. ;-; i cant wait for the next episode though xD

  • Rollo Harrison

    HOLYYYY SHITTTT what an episode, i had no idea. Never been so surprised in my life.

  • A.D. DAS

    It’s very heart breaking when brother figure comes out to be villain.

    • iwachan

      he was just some random blond to me. 😐
      and I thought Bertholdt was Marco for like 25 episodes.😐
      That’s more a sin on me but I don’t have a sin counter sooooo…😐

  • Maria

    Did they get rid of a few scenes that were in the manga, but not in the anime, becase this one was pretty short.

    • naptime

      no, or at least not a big part. the last episodes preview is a bit long, maybe that’s why we get the feeling that the episode’s short

  • Jade Gregorio

    I already know about the two of them but still, the feeling at the end still gave me chills though

    • Izzy Bolden

      It was hard to hold back the tears.

  • Eren’s left nostril

    Is it just me or Eren looks hotter in season 2?

    • iwachan

      kinda but he is also more stupid. I understand that they were his friends and stuff (but seriously, to me Reiner was just some random blond dude and I thought Bertholdt was dead for like 20 episodes because I thought he was actually Marco 😅; that’s why I like this anime, at the begin it makes you only focus on the main character but in the end everyone is relevant to the story). But stil, he needed Reiner to transform in front of him, capture him, jump down the wall, to finally understand that he was a traitor even though they already suspected him!! When I read this scene in the manga I first thought there was a big mistake in the translation but I quickly understood that Reiner wasn’t joking, especially since we already knew there were traitors in the army and Reiner might have been working with Annie.
      I mean F*UCK!!. Just saying if I were Eren in this show, Reiner would have been dead before he coud even finish that sentence.😡 GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

      • Eren’s left nostril

        First of all, I am so fucking thankful towards you. I thought I was the only idiot who mistook Marco for Bertholdt 😂 And its true, Eren can be quite reckless at times but here they couldnt kill Reiner and Bertholdt so soon. They might hold precious information that could help humanity gain the uppen hand. Reading the manga is hella confusing (especially chapter 92 and 93), the anime makes it much easier to understand the shit that’s going on 😅

        • Izzy Bolden

          It’s not a stretch to say that Reiner and Bertholdt were spies.

      • Izzy Bolden

        Misaka should’ve cut their heads off as soon as Reiner nonchalantly confessed he’s the Armor Titan and Betholdt was the Colossal Titan. Misaka is one of the smartest characters next to Armin, and they still hesitated cause they’re friends with the traitors. Eren may be a hothead but he isn’t stupid.

  • Shermal Jones

    my heart is fucking racing right now.
    like what the actual fuck?!

  • Gaming Party

    i did suspect Reiner, but my dear berholdt? senpaiiiiii ;( (nah jk but damn this is shocking)

    • iwachan

      hum he is called Buttholdt.
      you’re welcome.

  • Светозар Федоров

    Wow what a powerful episode.. reading the manga is dope and all, but watching these events unfold is just at another level.

    • Izzy Bolden

      Reading the manga is like reading the newspaper lol

  • EvilBanKai Steam


  • Atma

    how is no one bitching about the subs being done wrong. Half the fucking conversation isn’t appearing…..

    • Young Jee

      i dont even know bro.

    • Happy Person

      I know right? Just when I thought I found a good site to watch on.

      • These are official and final subs,you wont find any other version of this episode anywhere unless some fansub group make it.

      • Btw can you mention timings of missing subs?

  • Γιάννης Ρουμελιώτης


    • Joy

      then go read the manga

      • Dallience

        its not the same, I mean I knew bertholdt was the colossal but this was amazing the way they showed it

        • Izzy Bolden

          that music hit me right in the feels

  • Arran Mccormick

    Attack on titan:
    2 years pass in one ep


  • Lucas Ramage

    Omg nothing all talk episode then at the end its gets awesome

  • Luka Eremić

    why the fuck are some subtitles missing???

  • Dino Dare

    Didn’t watch the rest of the episode yet but my theory, manga readers feel free to tell me I’m wrong just don’t spoil anything.
    Connies village was turned into titans and that’s why there’s a titan welcoming him and no blood from people around.

    • idk

      What you say is true.

    • Izzy Bolden

      You’re on the right track

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      You are right, but how they transformed isn’t directly given to us either.
      Well they say about how they can transform them. but dont show us anything.

  • 707


  • Dino Dare

    Mikasa cut them both. Knowing that’s how titans convert. She should have either cut them more fatally or in a different spot. It just makes Mikasa look stupid, which she’s not.

  • charlenebanana

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  • Dino Dare

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    • Dino Dare

      That genuinely shocked me though. I had 70% of the titan shifter identities spoiled for me about 2 years ago. But I thought it would be a long and drawn out reveal, I didn’t expect Reiner to just come up and ask Eren to join them and then act like that.


    that was amazing

  • Anna Aleshkin
    • Izzy Bolden

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    They would be three epic titanshifters on a badass journey across titanland… HOW COOL IS THAT!

    • dra6o0n

      There is no ‘titanland’, the plot twist is massive but it won’t be revealed until… 1-2 arcs later.

      If you look up the Shingeki no Kyojin mangas you’ll eventually find some stuff like… Tanks and Battleships… Yep yep.

      • CasperApR

        I know, i’ve read the mangas. But to get to their hometown (which is outside of wall rose and maria), they have to cross titan controlled territory. Just as when Reiner, Berthold and Marcel crossed this territory to get to wall Maria and breach it.

  • @b

    Man……although i read the manga still watching the anime is totally AWESOME it gave me the feels which cannot be given by the manga

  • TheWeirdo

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  • James Deveaux

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  • Andre Manns


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  • shurname

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  • themonkmate

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    • 1080p was having some issue we removed it.

    • btw please do mention the timing of missing subs.

  • A

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    many epic events will happen soon

  • Hashi-san

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  • Rob Wicki

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    • Ecilan

      it’s not like they’re directly responsible for the death of his mom, the destruction of his hometown and the lives of thousands of others who were horrifically slaughtered by titans or starved to death thanks to the loss of most of mankind’s territory. sounds legit like they’re the good guys lol. leaving your friends in a dire situation in order to go along with the guys trying to destroy humanity, considering that you yourself are a human weapon… that definitely wouldn’t bite ya in the butt later

      • Izzy Bolden

        I really hope that’s sarcasm

  • Andy Greatstory
  • Rubizcube

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  • Ian Light McGowan

    LMFAO the nonchalant, “Uh yeah I’m the armored titan and hes the colossal titan. We’re the ones who attack humanity, no big though come with me.”


    • dra6o0n

      I think they skipped some time between being rescued and returning, to announcing that in the spur of the moment. Or not, I don’t remember because it’s been years since that chapter in Shingeki no Kyojin.

      Btw Eren is the ‘Attack’ Titan.

  • Matthew O’shea Sobers

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  • alice james

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  • Maximillian

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  • TheLast Knight

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    • alice james

      IKR !!! The scene and the BGM fits very well, then it fades to end credit, it got me right in the feels.

  • ndh

    And is it true that the attack on titan season 2 has only 12 episodes? please answer:)

    • TheLast Knight


      • ndh

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    Meanwhile.. Boring and long winded psuedo professor anal cysts put humanity’s failure/unwillingness to get along on full display in the comments below. Have fun with that.

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  • Sugna Oliph

    i had to re-listen to reiners confession like 10 times before continuing the episode
    and that ending. i was screaming along with eren. i loved reiner! and i guess i did sorta figure he might be the armord titan, but i always pushed it off like “naw its probably just a diseptive coincidence that they look alike.”
    i was in denial just as much as eran in the end here. and so when eren transformed, screaming traitor, i fealt my own arm wanting to throw that same punch, and my own chest pump with air as i vocaly roared at my computer.

    yes kinda sad but shit this moment got me hard

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      awwww man… kinda ruined it for me that i read the manga… it feeels so much better in the anime..
      i was still screaming inside… like. fucking curses and satanic rituals against reiner, annie too.
      just wait to find out how marco died.
      you’ll have most rage there.
      if you can, remember when annie went to marco’s corpse she says “I’m sorry” 2 times.. just a hint.

      • Domhnall Trump

        Hey, at least you didn’t get it ruined like I did by just Googling “Colossal Titan” after watching like 3 episodes and have the Attack on Titan Wiki instantly tell you in the top Google search result that it’s Bertolt. Seriously, that’s still there. If you search “Colossal Titan”, the top result is “Bertolt Hoover”.

  • Sean Canning

    Spoiler: Why did it have to be Reiner!? He was my favourite character and they were like” NOPE! He’s a titan.”

  • Sander Oppeel

    i just noticed something. when reiner and berthold transformed, the yellow electricity came from the skies. could it be something is up there? Providing the titans their power?

    • Mohet Khamees

      yep its your mom.

      • Sander Oppeel

        how original

  • Kirito

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  • ShiroNeki

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  • James Smith

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  • Mertcan Aygün

    Look at Reiner’s hand when he push Mikasa. Then he got his hand lost again ffs

  • Based Sage


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  • MrDeadPumpkin

    Aww they are gonna release the fight next episode…
    that’s sad i really wanted to see it animated.
    i thought they spoke about reiner and bertolt being annie’s complices after they talked with eren not before…
    time to wait another week. 🙁
    i read the manga btw. but still want to see it animated badly.

  • JeniusDuck

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  • michael94

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  • Andy Giroux

    Did it seem like some subtitles were missing? Or was it just me?

    • Please mention timing of missing subs and also video tab you are using to watch episode.

      • Andy Giroux

        I’m using the “Fast 1080p” tab on Chrome (if that matters)

        1) 4:12 right after “How’s Ymir?”
        2) 4:16 right after “Here right leg and arm were bitten off,”
        3) 4:57 after “she did so with no regard for her own life”
        4) 13:37 after “there were to others belonging to the”
        5) 13:58 after “after the chaos five years ago”
        6) 15:13 after “I…” (Mikasa)
        7) 16:55 after “what the hell?”
        8) 19:12 after “it’s been three long years”

        I think that’s all of them.

  • Mario Magnum

    Am I the only one who thinks that Berthold is not in anyway made to be the colossal titan? I had so many assumptions and way better ones than fucking Berthold. Cmon how the fuck did HE get THAT.

  • Guy Bensky

    I just realized they spoiled the enitre story with outro lol

  • Mohet Khamees

    at the end i was like are you f’ing serious. the whole episode is both of em staring at each other and pmsing then Eren gets one of those oh i miss my bestfriend 10mins drama. then boom a cliffhanger like wth man.

  • Misho Metreveli

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  • Yassine Dev

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    Holy mother fucking titties sucking piece of Jesus christ’s shit.

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  • unattainable

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  • Kidkurtious

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  • DarkAnimeCharm

    My comment is one of many in here but… geese people… who cares where you’re from or what cup sizes your country has. It’s so petty and ridiculous to hear people argueing (can’t remember how to spell it right now) over what cup sizes they have in their country. And the people who are complaining about the whole ‘release all episodes at once’ thing or ‘it took 3-4 years’ please shut up. Just be happy that the episodes are at least coming out and that there’s another season…😪
    Sorry if you thought what i said was rude but some people just don’t see what they’re actually argueing about and others there’s no point in even talking to them… ( ^ω^ )

  • Syntience

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    haven’t laughed that hard unironically in a while

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  • undeadslayer4

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