Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 07.
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You are watching Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 07.
Season 2 Episode 07 of the TV Anime Series Shingeki no Kyojin

My Hero Academia

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  • Samko Ondrcka


  • Dino Dare

    Nice HTML by the way.

  • Alaa Mejri

    can’t wait ..

  • Irvan Faishal

    teu tahan ep 7

  • Hari Sankar D

    Cant wait. 10more hours !!!!!;!

  • Sei

    in 10 hours I’ll be at work… it’s actually a 24 hour wait for me. So sad 🙁

  • Speedy22385

    3 more hrs!!

  • 男の子の愛を愛する腐ったポテト

    8 minutes leftt

  • Dazaisleggys

    Rip still 44 min

  • Mark James Nava

    i can’t wait to see this episode!!!

  • Nathan Hurst


  • Nathan Hurst

    It’s going to be lit I read the manga

  • Nicky Marie

    gahhh!! 30 more min! I cant wait ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

  • Mark James Nava

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • shadow

    EPIC!!! , the fight was just so epic!

  • shadow

    good thing i understand japanese!!

    • the quary

      understand just by waching anime or you learned japanese? :O

  • Caleb Lamb

    I’ve never been more excited for something then this!!

  • XeetGamer


  • Flash Gamer

    Wow that ending

  • fixleviseyesffs

    12 episodes was just so disappointing omg

  • Tenryu03

    Fuuuuuuu again with the cliffhangers, why they do this to me

  • TriDent

    Whyyyy u leaving it like that
    These episodes are becoming annoying with these cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!

  • HYPE

  • Giannis Babladelis

    at the 17:24 min zoe had a litle orgasm lol my fav caracter from this show i didnt read the manga but i love this new to this too i have wach all episodes in 3 days iam hooked i realy fucking hope she wont die

    • zahra11378

      who is she? all these people who are fighting are boys -___-

      • tomi832

        for some reason, he called Hanji “Zoe”. So he meant Hanji…

        • HateWindows8

          For some reason? In case you weren’t aware, some people have both a first and last name. Her name is Zoe Hanji.

          • zahra11378

            how tf did you find that out? they never call her zoe!! unless you be super interested and go search up her name LMAO

          • Giannis Babladelis

            yes i did lol i told you iam hooked i am reading my 1st manga is caled baki the grapler i will start read this too for sure zoe is a greek name it mean life in greek ζωη historia mean history also a greek world ιστορια

          • zahra11378

            lmao i can’t speak greek but anyway it doesn’t even matter she isn’t even an interesting character compared to rest of them…

          • Nurul Amirah Hossain

            wow, i dont even know that. thank you for pointing that out

  • aight ok

    tfw the only fight you were interested in was the fight between mikasa and annie

    • zahra11378


  • Benz Clyde Bordeos Tolosa

    sooo epiccccc but the last clip left us all hanging haha

  • Animus


  • Mark Xipher

    holy sh*t that battle.

  • Erik Benitez

    Mikasa was like… “That’s my Man” to Annie

    • Levi Heichou

      Annie was like “No hes mine!!!” to Mikasa

  • Edmond Toussaint

    I hate the cliffhangers they give us haha… -.- I’m mad

  • Nurul Amirah Hossain

    should have attack his hand just like what levi did to annie. or is it too hot that the blade might melt?

    • Светозар Федоров

      what do you mean? And yes Colossal titan has furnace like heat emitting from his body

      • Nurul Amirah Hossain

        Levi ran the blade into annie’s titan skin(arms) so that he can disable the muscle in season 1.